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Type 2 Diabetes: Diabetes patient should only take 3 minutes, this easy exercise will not increase, sugar

Type 2 Diabetes: Diabetes patient should only take 3 minutes, this easy exercise will not increase, sugar

Type 2 diabetes can not be treated, but patients with diabetes can lead a healthy life by controlling blood sugar. To control diabetes, you should also focus on exercising with your diet. Some people do not have the time of exercise and some people's physical condition is not such that they can exercise. In this way, we are telling you a simple exercise for diabetics, for which you have to take only 3 minutes.

Easy exercise in diabetes

A recent research suggests that if type 2 diabetes patients only climb the stairs after 1-2 hours after eating them, then their blood sugar will be reduced. Stair climbing is a perfect exercise in itself. Actually, some exercise is necessary to control blood sugar. If your job duty is to sit all day long or you relax at home most of the time, then you should step down the stairs at least 4-5 times a day. By incorporating this small exercise into your habit not only will you have your diabetes control but you will lead a longer life.

Research done in Japan

According to the UK's Diabetes Institute, this research was done at the Hidaka Medical Center in Tokyo, Japan. 16 young people who were Type II diabetics were selected for research. For this research, these youngsters would be hungry overnight and then fill the breakfast with protein in the morning. After this, the seeds of 1 to 2 hours climb the stairs for 3 minutes. After 2 weeks, the blood sugar levels of these youth have come down significantly.

How to climb stairs

Researchers have said that in order to control sugar, patients of diabetes should properly exercise the stairs. Let us tell you what is the right way-

    Between 1 and 2 hours of eating, you have to exercise these steps to climb the stairs.
    First of all, you start climbing stairs faster than the ground.
    After reaching the first floor, gradually get down from the speed.
    Overall, you have to climb up to speed while climbing, while falling short while landing.
    Generally there are 10-12 staircases in the 1st floor house. So in the 1st floor house you have to practice climbing at least 12 times and descend 12 times.
    If you are practicing in a 2-storey house, you can climb 6 times and get 6 times.
    Keep speed up so that you complete these exercises in 3-4 minutes.
    Whenever you find time in the day, you can do this exercise easily.

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