These symptoms and Treatment of Chamki fever and Acute Encephalitis

These symptoms and Treatment of Chamki fever and Acute Encephalitis

Due to the fever of Muzaffarpur area of Bihar state, due to the fever, the headlines are spreading across the country, but due to the death of children and children, there is a death. Hundreds of innocent innocent people have lost their lives due to sparkling fever, and the condition is that the figure is not taking the name of the stoppage. 'Acute Encephalitis Syndrome', which we are describing as 'glomerulating fever' is actually a kind of brain fever. This disease affects children more than 1 to 8 years of age because their immunity is very weak, due to which they get into her grip.

What is the 'glomeruli' fever?

We call the acne encephalitis syndrome 'Indian fluid fever'. Cramps in the brain and body of the patient with this syndrome infection begin and their body suddenly starts to be tough. Spiral fever is an infectious disease, and when the virus returns to the body, it joins in our blood and starts reproduction. As the number of these viruses increases, it reaches the brain along with our blood and gives swelling to the cells. Due to this disease, the body's 'Central nervous system' also gets spoiled.

Reason for being told lychee

Although the doctors have not been able to get the correct idea of this fever, there are many reasons behind this. Many doctors are looking at adding it to hot summer, so many experts believe that heat, humidity, dirt and malnutrition are promoting the disease. Initially, the information about the death of children was reported from lechi meal. In fact, the elements found in litchi are hypoglycin A and methylene-cyclopropyl glycine (MPCG) inhibiting the formation of fatty acid metabolism in the body. Due to which the levels of blood sugar begin to subside, and the person begins to have brain problems and the patient begins to get a stroke.

Symptoms of sperm fever

    The child is constantly in high fever, cramps in the body, and the children keep teeth on their teeth.
    Due to weakness, the child continues to be unconscious again. His body becomes numb.
    Children feel mental disorientation.
    Feeling nervous in the child

What to do when a fever comes

    Wear the baby's body with a wet cloth, with high fever, from which fever will not fall on his head.
    Only after taking the advice of the doctor, give paracetamol pill or syrup to the children.
    Take the child's solution to the ORS, keep in mind that the solution should not be used after 24 hours.
    Take a child to the hospital when the fever comes and lay it right or left.
     Always throw the baby in the shadow area.
    Keep the baby's neck straight when the fever comes.
    Protect the child from sunlight and heat.
    Feed him nutritionally and do not let water shortage.

Do not do this in such a situation

     Do not feed the child without forgetting the empty stomach.
     Do not wear baby clothes in hot clothes.
     When the child is unconscious, do not put anything in his mouth.
     Do not sit on the bed with the patient.
     While living with the patient, do not tighten or make noise.

Need to check-in brain disease

At the time of shine fever, the doctor advises MRI or CT scan, as well as blood or urine examination,  can be done to identify the fever. If there are initial symptoms in the child, then the specimen is tested by taking a sample of the fluid.

These precautions

    Children do not feed the false and rotten fruit in any case.
    Keep children away from the mess.
    Wash your hands before eating and after eating.
    Keep in mind that children drink clean water.
    Do not let their nails grow.
   Send the child to sleep only by feeding the baby at night.

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