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The Problems of Burning and Eyes Being Red due to Dryness, Learn 5 Home Remedies

Dry Eye Syndrome: The Problems of Burning and Eyes Being Red due to Dryness, Learn 5 Home Remedies

Dry eye syndrome i.e. Dryness in the eyes is one of the common health issues. Children or elderly people are not aware of it. Nowadays, the use of mobile, computer and digital screen gadgets with dust-soil, pollution and wrong lifestyle is among the biggest reasons behind this. Dryness in the eyes, eye irritation, burning sensation in the eyes, tears in the eyes and fatigue in the eyes without any reason are the main symptoms of stupidity of eyes. In this way, many people are having difficulty reading and using the phone while watching TV.
This syndrome develops when the tear glands do not produce enough tears to make the eyes soft or wet. Tears keep eyes and ears of cornea and conjunctiva moist and wet, so that the eyes do not dry up. Tear film is found in the eyes and its outermost layer is called lipid or oily layer. This lipid or oily layer reduces drying of tears and provides lubrication to eyes. But long working on the computer, the use of mobile phones and watching TV continuously in the AC, this tear film of the eyes is affected, which causes dry eye syndrome. If you want to get rid of the problem of dryness in the eyes, then you can get relief from these easy domestic remedies.

Aloe vera

How Elowara is beneficial for health, all of you must know, but can it also give you relief in the dryness of your eyes? The answer is yes, yes. Aloe vera contains alkaline and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, it can remove the problem of your dry eyes. Aloe vera gel also works as a moisturizer. If you have problems with eye dialysis of Iliyala, then you should use the natural aloe vera gel. Remove the prison from the aloe vera leaf and with the help of a finger on the pupil of your eyes. After 5-10 minutes you clear it.

Consumption of foods containing fatty acids

According to the studies, if you have a problem of stigma in the eyes, then you should eat foods containing omega-3 fatty acids because it can help you to relieve your eyes. Anti-inflammatory properties of these foods help in reducing eye bloating and burning sensation. Foods rich in omega 3 include walnuts, fatty fish, chickpea seeds and eggs, in which you can consume these foods.

Hot compress

To improve the quality of lubrication and tear of eyes, giving heat to the eyes is a very beneficial and a better option. Take this warm water for it, and then with the help of a cutan, let your eyes be scratched. Doing so will help the eyes of the tear film and all the problems like the allergies due to the dryness of your eyes will be removed.

Use of distance and rose water from makeup

If you make eye-make-up, then make the distance from the eye makeup in the eyes during the stereotype. Also, after finishing the day-long work, you should use the Gulabjal to relax your eyes. Your eyes get tired due to continuous work on the computer, so for this, soak the cotton in rose water and keep it for 15 minutes on your eyes. Doing this will remove the pain of your eyes. If you work on a daily computer, you can use the rose water to erase the tears of your eyes daily. It will prove to be beneficial for getting your eyes moisture back.

Spoonful of water and sugar

According to the studies, if you are troubled by the problem of stereotype of the eyes, then you should make a distance from sugar-containing foods during that time, that would be better for you. Besides, you must drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. If you do this, then you will get rid of this problem soon.

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