Not only obese men, but their children also suffer from these 4 diseases

Not only obese men, but their children also suffer from these 4 diseases

You must have heard this saying that 'like parents and children'. Some people believe that this statement is right and nothing else. But the effect of parents on the child is due to some of their upbringing and the effect of some genes and DNA. Everyone knows that the health of the mother affects her child, but do you know that the health of the father affects the health of the child as much as the mother's health. Yes, recently published in 'BMC Medicine', new research reveals that the father's health and lifestyle can have an impact on the health of the child. This means if you are a victim of obesity, then it can be linked to your child's development.

According to the study

It has also been said in the study that the father's daily routine and day-to-day activities can be easily transferred by the epigenetic system in his children. You might be thinking that there are some children who are suffering from diseases such as diabetes, then your thinking is absolutely right. If a child is imagined during a particular period of illness, then it is likely that it can be transferred to the child too. Apart from this, the study shows that due to the obesity of the father, child development is interrupted and their development is not properly received. Studies have clearly shown the results. It says that it is in the best interests of the father that he should index his body mass. Diseases like diabetes are capable of influencing DNA of their offspring. Scientists learned about the characteristics of parents, that the parental routine and welfare could affect the health of their unborn child
However, your obesity can cause more harm to your body than your child's health. Obesity also affects your physical activity and can pose a risk to a long life. Apart from this, genetics, age and health problems can also increase the risk of obesity. Let us tell you about some health problems caused by obesity.

Heart disease

According to WHO, obesity is a major risk factor behind the onset of cardiovascular disease. Having high weight puts you at risk of developing atherosclerosis (obstruction in arteries). Atherosclerosis is a condition in which blood cholesterol develops. It prevents blood flow in your body parts and tissues with pressure on your heart and blood vessels. It causes high blood pressure. Apart from this, it can cause blood clots, causing you to have a heart attack.

Symptoms of atherosclerosis depend on the location of the affected arteries. In the event of cholesterol accumulation in the arteries of the heart, you will experience chest pain. If it affects the arteries in the brain, you can feel weakness in your arms or legs.

Respiratory Disorder

Obesity reduces the ability of the lungs, apart from it affects the muscles and strength of the respiratory system, if you are obese, to restrict the flow of oxygen in your body. Cholesterol or fat may accumulate on the walls of the lungs, in addition to this, it can also cause asthma. Than somewhere people prone to asthma is four times higher than three.


The accumulation of fat in the body emphasizes endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in the cells. It is a type of organelle responsible for the synthesis of proteins and lipids. When there are many lipids in the ER, it sends signals to the cells to prevent a reaction to insulin. Which causes diabetes or diabetes.


Obesity can also destroy your joints. Due to excess fat, it causes pain in your joints. Due to this your swelling slowly starts growing in pairs, and you start having difficulty in doing daily tasks. Sometimes it is a type of arthritis, in which symptoms like joints, stiffness in joints, decrease in flexibility, swelling in the bones, feeling like nervousness, etc.

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