Learn From Experts All Men Health Problems And Their Solutions

Learn From Experts All Men Health Problems And Their Solutions

There are many health problems (mental and physical) in men and boys, whose prevention is possible. As a special campaign to raise awareness of these problems, International Men's Health Week 2019 is celebrated every year in June. This period is a great time for all men to look and focus on their health.

According to a report, most men do not like to discuss their health problem with people. Only 7% of males discuss health issues with their friends. Almost every fifth male does not discuss personal issues such as bedroom related concerns, mutual relationships and urine related issues with anyone.

Most people do not concentrate on their health due to cultural traditions (there is an estimate which can not be justified for all men) - "Men should not show their weaknesses and they should be tough" - this is their health Prevents discussions related to concerns. Apart from this, this kind of behavior in men can also be due to lack of awareness, lack of awareness and lack of self-care in associates.

Chest pain, breathlessness, fatigue, depression, lack of memory and urinary problems are one of the top health concerns most of the Indian men overlook. An increase in awareness programs such as Men's Health Week can be expected to change in attitude in the coming time. Here are some important health aspects on which men should pay attention.

General health

Analysis of health issues in man: Man often does not feel the need for health check-up until their condition is made. In the ideal situation, all men, irrespective of their age, get health checkups with their immediate health care provider.

Identity and care tips

General health check-up is the risk factors related to diabetes, cholesterol and other lipid screening, iron deficiency in nutrition, vitamin D, B12, and functioning of the organs, if kidney, liver, thyroid. Men are more susceptible to heart diseases and cancer, but they ignore signs of caution and face it later. A continuous health checkup can prevent any possible risk for their health.

Physical health

Obesity is a global epidemic in general, which we are currently experiencing. About 30% of the world's people are obese or overweight About 4 out of 4 men are overweight or obese.
Identity and care tips

If the waist size is 102 cm or more, Males are at risk of heart Problem, diabetes and cancer Disease. Physical fitness is the most important part of health on which men need attention. Changing the lifestyle and adopting good habits can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness can easily be achieved with dedication and will power.

Ideally, realistic goals can be started by setting such as changes in food habits or involving one physical activity in your daily routine. Physical and mental health can improve by eating 5 nutritious foods of fruits or vegetables in a day or 150 minutes of moderate exercise in one week.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle means leaving any of the deadly habit, such as drinking alcohol and consuming tobacco product. If you are a smoker then you immediately leave it and add years in your life.

Mental health

Most men feel uncomfortable discussing their personal issues with others. They keep their emotions in mind and suppress them, which results in various mental health issues. 75% of suicides are done by men. Mental health in men is a dangerous issue and it should be completed with proper care.

Identification and Care Measures

Depression, anxiety, self-image, self-harm, and stress are some of the issues related to mental health that can not be avoided and should not be ignored. It does not matter how much you try to suppress them when there is a conflict of ideas, then they get up again. One best way to reduce stress is to talk. Talking to your friends and family or a doctor, but it's important to talk about it. Any fear that you are experiencing is temporary.

Only one thing with your brain and body will survive and that is a positive relationship. Get help from wherever you feel most secure. Find support groups in your area who can become your part. It is important to promote habits that not only improve your mood on a daily basis but also help you live longer and overall life.

Sexual health

Different physical, psychological, reciprocal and social factors affect a person's sexual health. It is estimated that at least 1 in 10 men have sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. But by getting the necessary help from the earliest, they can save themselves from inconvenience and trouble.

Identity and care tips

Sexual awareness and frequent self-examination are important. Hepatitis B test and vaccination, HIV prophylaxis or test, protected sex, and other preventive measures can keep men safe from STD.

Self-care takes place in the center of the physical and mental well being of man. Man and boys should be raised in a world where they are not in a confrontation with issues related to self-image. They should learn to take care of themselves in the best way. The need for self-care in men is greater than before; Especially, when all efforts men

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