Infertility in Men, Symptoms, and Treatment to prevent this disease

Infertility in Men, Symptoms, and Treatment to prevent this disease

Because of rapidly changing lifestyles and office work, men are facing mental health problems and physical health problems in the current period. Due to stress overwork, due to home constraints, men sometimes become victims of such problems, which also affect their marital life. Yes, due to stress men's infertility problem arises, due to which their home reaches the brink of ruin.

Infertility is a problem in men, which not only affects their home but also their respect in society. If you take too much stress or you are a victim of stress then you too may be victims of this serious problem. If you are unaware of the problem of infertility, then we are going to tell you about its symptoms, through which you can know.

Changes in body

If you have been looking for a few days that changes in your body structure are such that if there is a shortage of hair or a lot of chest on the face, then immediately consult the doctor as it is a sign of infertility among men.

Problems making relationships

If your marital life has become harder than before, do not say that if you are having trouble during your relationship or you do not have a desire to make a relationship then you are a victim of infertility.

Lump and swelling

Having pain, swelling or lump around the testis or the surrounding can also be a sign of infertility.

breathing problem

If you are feeling pain in the vicinity of your chest or infection in your lungs, you are having Problem in breathing, then you should immediately consult the doctor. It may be a sign of infertility.

Woman's pregnancy

Despite making unprotected relations, if the woman is not pregnant then you are a victim of infertility.

You can understand the problem by looking at these symptoms of infertility. Treatment of infertility is possible, but it is very important to start on time. If you have symptoms of infertility, you can overcome it in this select manner.

If you are a victim of infertility then there may have been some changes in your hormone, for which doctors do the dosage of hormones, which help you to avoid this problem.

    Doctors give medicines to increase sperm count.
    Men can increase their ability with the help of drugs.
    If the sperm count is found less then the help of donor sperm can be taken.
    Vitro Fertility (VF) can be taken to diagnose the problem of infertility, which can end this problem.
    If there is an infection problem, then take antibiotics because doctors recommend it.

The problem of infertility can be corrected even by changing the diet with the advice of the doctor. Since these diets contain some of the essential nutrients, which help in removing this problem.

    Fish: Fatty acids and omega found in marine fishes help increase the 3 sperm count, thereby eliminating infertility problems.
    Pomegranate: It is useful to remove the vitamins and mineral infertility present in pomegranates.
    Pumpkin: Zinc found in pumpkin also helps to increase the sperm count.
    Broccoli: Phytosterols present in the broccoli are helpful in maintaining the levels of hormones, so regular broccoli intake also benefits in removing this problem.

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