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If you do not sleep at night in hot summer, then take 7 measures, sleep will be easy

If you do not sleep at night in hot summer, then take 7 measures, sleep will be easy

The mercury above 45 degrees and frequent electricity has become a common thing in everyday life. Although you can avoid it in the daytime, but in this hot summer the night becomes an impossible task, especially when there is no cooler or air conditioner in your room. If you are also troubled by this situation, then we have come up with some tips for you, with the help of which you can sleep in peace at night and get rid of stinging heat.

Keep your room cool

When you go to sleep in your room at night, prepare your room before it is too hot. For this keep your room windows and doors open so that your room does not get hot. If the outside air is more hot than inside, then there is no point in leaving windows and doors open.

Keep your pulse point cool

By keeping pulse points like neck and neck cooling, you can help keep your body temperature low. Keep a wet cloth on your wrist and neck so you can feel cold. Our blood vessels are close to the surface of our skin and by keeping your wrist and neck cool, you can maintain your body balance. You can sit your feet in cold water bucket too.

Bath with lukewarm water

It may look a bit awkward in hearing, but it is good to take bath with lukewarm water before bedtime. Bathing with light warm water makes your body more comfortable to stay in warm temperatures. Those runners who take a bath with hot water are able to withstand heat and perform better than others on the field.

Take care of your diet

During the summer, try to stay away from eating more fried and heavy food before sleeping. Your digestive system have to work hard to burn the calories from the food, which will cause more heat and you will feel more warm. Apart from this, you also control the consumption of alcohol because it can damage your sweet sleep.

Wear loose clothes in the night

Wear loose and light clothes for a good night's sleep. Wear cotton cloth before sleeping at night because it easily absorbs sweat, which makes you feel better. Thick cloth does not sweat, so wear light clothes before sleeping at night.

Remove the wire of the equipment

The tools present in your home create heat and make the climate around you warm. If he is not in use, then in the night you remove his plug. This will not only help in saving energy but also keep your room cool.

Always sleep in the room below

If you live in a big house, take your room down during the summer season. The lower floor rooms are much cooler than the above rooms because there is no direct access to the sun's rays, so if possible, take the lower room.

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