Identify these five symptoms of kidney disease in children, what do parents do to prevent these diseases

Identify these five symptoms of kidney disease in children, what do parents do to prevent these diseases

There will be only a few of you, who, from time to time, check themselves and their children's health or think about their health. Unless he gets sick If you talk about the health of children, most of you think about nutrition or pediatricians and obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Kidney or kidney disorders are not given much importance. But to keep the body healthy, it is very important to have proper functioning of the kidneys. Therefore it's important for every parent to keep an eye on their kidneys and feed them and drink them and keep them in mind. Because the risk of kidney diseases is increasing in children, millions of young people under the age of age are being affected by kidney diseases, so knowledge and awareness about kidney diseases are important.

Kidney function

It is necessary to understand the role and role of the kidney in order to lead a healthy life. It is necessary to understand the role and role of the kidney in order to maintain a healthy life. The kidney means that the kidneys filter excess water and waste from the blood, which excreted in the form of urine. In addition, the kidney secretes the hormones, which helps in making blood and strengthening the bones. Therefore, when your kidneys are affected, they are unable to take out the waste from the body i.e. waste, which, in turn, increases the risk of heart disease and causes kidney failure.

Symptoms in children

    Here are some pointers from which parents can be cautious and can predict that their child's health is disturbing-
    Difficulty with the child's poor growth rate and weight gain.
    Continuous pain in the body, irritation of urine or urination more time
    Face and legs swelling while rising in the morning.
    Change the color of the urine or the ants appear on the place of piss.
    Pain in the stomach

Role of parents

    Parents should be aware of the information and the importance of kidney or kidney disease in children. Let's know what the parents should play in it.
    For parents, early identification is important for a healthy lifestyle in children. If the health of the children is paid in advance, then kidney damage, kidney injuries, chronic diseases, and kidney disorders can be avoided.
    Apart from this, the mother has an important role during pregnancy. Because the kidneys of a healthy mother are also healthy and good for a healthy mother. A nutritious mother decreases the chances of its effect on her children's health.
    A pregnant woman has to take care of her well because you and your pregnant fetus need a diet rich in protein, iron, and vitamins. If the child is born with a genetic illness, then nothing can be done.
    Before premature birth or high blood pressure and diabetes, the child is at greater risk of kidney disease and heart diseases.


According to a recent study, kidney disease is rising in India, in which 17 out of every 100 people suffering from C-grade disease. Keep these precautions and suggestions in mind if parents are to keep the children healthy and protect their kidneys so that the risks of kidney disease can be reduced.

Healthy Diet:

Parents should ensure that your children get healthy nutrition and eat well and try to keep your child away from obesity. For this, you can start a beginner in such a way that encourage children to participate in school sports. Apart from this, you keep a balance in the child's balanced diet in combination with fat, carbohydrate and protein and balance of sugar and salt. Keep distance from processed food and junk-foods and drinks.

Liquid intake:

In order to be healthy for the children, consumption of excess water is particularly important in liquids. But, if the children are dihydrate, they should not urinate more often because the water is absorbed by the body.

Do not smoke:

It's the responsibility of the parents to keep their children away from smoking. Many people smoke in front of their children because the child also wants them to do the same.

Drugs and Drugs:

The use of aspirin and other restricted drugs can directly affect the kidney or liver. It dehydrates the body and leads to kidney failure.

Slash sodium:

Too much sodium causes high blood pressure. Therefore, it is better to use salt in small quantities. Therefore, take 1.5 to 2.3 grams of salt per day.


Potassium is important in balancing the water level and reducing the effect of sodium, thereby reducing high blood pressure. Therefore children can get potassium-rich food (potato, spinach, beans and low-fat dairy products).

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