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How to avoid heat in 45 degree temperature? Learn these 5 easy home remedies from Expert

How to avoid heat in 45 degree temperature? Learn these 5 easy home remedies from Expert

At this time the heat is at its peak in the northern states of the country. People are troubled by the hot winds and thunders of Lu. The heat exhaust is that, the mercury increases day by day. In most parts of the country, the temperature has crossed 45 degrees. Most of this rising temperature and heat can have more impact on children, the elderly and those who are sick already. Due to the loss of water in the body due to lu and heat ie dehydration, cramps, exhaustion and heat stroke, there may be problems. In such a case, it is very important to prevent it.

There may be health problems such as fatigue, fever, heat stroke, hyhyridation, headache, thirst, diarrhea, vomiting, due to heat outbreaks. The difference between exhaustion and heat stroke is that heat stroke does not cause sweating, while sweating becomes exhausting.

According to Dr KK Agarwal, President of Heart Care Foundation of India, the exhaustion of the heat is felt when the temperature is between 37 and 40 degree Celsius. The temperature in the heat stroke is very high, and it needs to be reduced within a few minutes.

According to Doctor Agarwal, using the soft sponge can help cool the body with the help of cold or taped bath. However, avoid using deep water or cooling blancet. Some precautions are necessary, such as sweating, dry armpits, no urine for 8 hours, or high fever in summer. If these symptoms appear, immediately consult a doctor. Those who have restrictions on taking liquid or salt or who are taking diuretic medicines, should immediately consult an expert.

Hygiene tips in summer

Dr. Agarwal says that 'Month of May-June is known for preserving water, maintaining water hygiene and burning people, keeping in mind these things, after going to the toilet, hands must be well Wash with, clean the bath, wear clean clothes. Cleanliness related to food, because there can be problems of diarrhea, typhoid and jaundice due to unhygienic conditions. To avoid heat disorders, make sure your body is adequately hydrated.

Measures to Avoid Heat and Lu

 Avoid getting out of the house when the temperature increases. If you have to go out, you can use the umbrella; apart from this, cover your head. To avoid sunshine and heat absorption, wear white and cotton clothing. Do not dress in black color or dark color, because such clothes absorb the sun.
Hydrate yourself before leaving home in the summer. Keep water or lemonade together. In summer, mango cake, poppy seeds, lentils, sattu etc. can be beneficial. The need for water in summer is 500 milliliters more than winter.
Avoid excessive salt or sugar intake in the summer. The ideal volume of sugar or jag should be 3.
Urine coming at least once in 8 hours means that hydration is happening properly. If you feel cramped in summer, then drink lemonade with sugar and salt.
Minimize the intake of carbohydrate in the summer and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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