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How Plastic Waste affect to Health, Learn from These 5 Facts

World Environment Day 2019: How Plastic Waste affect to Health, Learn from These 5 Facts

As the population of the world is increasing, people also produce the amount of waste. If there is anything else in the trash it is plastic. Market capitalism or the growing demand of people is ending the plastic waste as a termite, whose worst effect is falling on the living organisms and humans on the planet. Disposal like water bottles, polyethylene are dissolving. The accumulation of these products has increased the amount of plastic pollution worldwide. Since the plastic is made up of many toxic pollutants, it has the potential to cause huge damage to the environment in the form of air, water and ground pollution. We will tell you in this article how the plastic garbage is affecting our health and how it can be avoided.

Reasons for Deadly Diseases

Plastics are mainly made of petrochemicals. Therefore, it is not good for human health and can cause problems in various ways. When plastics meet in water, leaving toxic substances which can cause cancerous diseases. Many health practitioners recommend caution in using plastic. He believes that the use of hot materials should not be consumed in plastic utensils. It is harmful to health. Plastic waste can be the cause of diseases which are very expensive and incurable. Children can swallow things made from plastic, which is deadly, making them children's distance.

Do the ground polluted

People go ahead by neglecting the plastic spots, while the dirt spreads, and it also becomes harmful. Plastics fall on the ground and they release harmful chemicals which are found in the ground. Which also affect the productivity of the land with plants and micro-organisms and it affects our health somewhere. This can be said because the chemicals dissolved from the ground are found in drinking water which causes diseases in the body.

Air pollution

Plastic burns in open air causes toxic chemicals to pollute the environment. Polluted air affects humans and animals. When these poisonous winds enter the body through the breathing tube, problems arise in the respiratory tract. This causes asthma and can prove to be life-threatening for asthmatics.

For animals it is dangerous

When it comes to eating a plastic bag, then the cattle appear at the top of the case. There are often cattle polythene accounts on the side of the roadside garbage. While these materials are not digestible from the stomach, they can cause problems in the stomach and poisons due to chemicals released from plastic components. This happens when we fail to properly handle the plastic and throw them anywhere. If such a person drinks milk, then it can be harmful.

Plastic waste is poisonous

Humans artificially make plastic using many toxic chemicals. Therefore, the use and use of plastic is linked to many health concerns affecting people around the world. The process of making, storing, disposing, and placing around plastic can be extremely harmful for living things.

How to handle plastic waste

People talk about planting ban on the use of plastic, but nobody chooses to use it. It is necessary to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Instead of throwing plastic waste in water or on the road instead of throwing it where it can be recycled. Do not eat hot things in plastic utensils, it can be harmful to health.

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