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Do you know what Tennis Elbow is? Learn 5 Home Remedies for treatment of Tennis Elbow

Do you know what Tennis Elbow is? Learn 5 Home Remedies for treatment of Tennis Elbow

People affected by tennis elbow have severe pain around the elbows and forearm, sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. This usually affects athletes more, especially those who often use their arms to play, such as tennis and golf players. Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondilitis. It causes severe damage to the joint of the elbow and the forearm, due to which the hardness of the elbow, the bulge and joint pain can also increase. Due to sensitivity, swelling increases in the elbow and you can not do any normal work with your wrist or hand properly. Let's know how you can get rid of this problem with the help of these 5 home remedies when you become tennis elbow.

Ice cream

Ice acts as an antiinflemal agent. This helps in reducing swelling and preventing bleeding. To get relief immediately from pain and to reduce swelling in the elbow, for at least 15 minutes, you can bake the ice pack on the elbow. For better results you should heat ice at least four to five times a day. Do not keep the ice directly on your skin, it can damage your skin, bind it in a clean cloth and then put it on the skin.


To get rid of tennis elbow, you can massage some elongated oils such as coconut, mint, lavender, olive oil and mustard oil, and lighten the elbow on the elbow, it will improve your condition. Doing this reaction four to five times a day will also help reduce your pain and swelling. Many research has found that massage with regular oil provides joint pain to the patient and also helps in blood circulation.


To cure tennis elbow you need to relax. When you repeat activities such as painting, tennis, golf and throwing, it can increase the risk of tennis elbow. Therefore, people affected by it are advised not to do any such activity that enhances the pain of elbows at all. If you feel stress in your hands then keep on taking breaks between work.

Healthy diet intake

Nutrition diet is very important for those affected by tennis elbow. To reduce swelling, avoid the consumption of sweet, sodium-rich and fatty foods. Water conservation can mean increased water retention. You eat a diet that is full of antiinflemurial properties. If you are affected by tennis elbow, then be sure to include green leafy vegetables, berries, citrus fruits, watermelon, and orange in your diet. Apart from this, you can also include foods containing potassium and magnesium such as avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas and coconut water. Tissue consumption is also beneficial for health.


If you are having unbearable pain due to tennis elbow, then you should immediately meet a good physiotherapist. Physiotherapists use various methods to personally look after the areas affected by the injury. This helps you recover quickly. They help with some manual therapy techniques like Massage and Exercise from oil, relieving pain and swelling, promoting blood circulation in your arm and strengthening muscles.

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