Diabetes Snacks: These 5 Healthy Snacks Eating Patients with Diabetes, Will Not Increase Sugar

Diabetes Snacks: These 5 Healthy Snacks Eating Patients with Diabetes, Will Not Increase Sugar

You often want to eat some light snacks, often after 3-4 hours of day meal, when you usually feel hungry. In such a case, if you are a patient of diabetes, it is difficult for you to eat such a thing that will also calm your appetite and not increase your blood sugars. Evening breakfast is essential for your body's energy and metabolism. So today we are telling you such 6 Healthy and Light Snacks, which Diabetic patients can easily eat.

Eat nuts without salt

In nuts you can eat almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, nuts, etc. Just note that you do not have to put salt in it. These nuts are rich in protein, as well as fiber in good quantities. Walnuts are also omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are good for diabetic patients. If you wish, you can eat these nuts raw or eat after roasting.

Boiled sprouts

Soak mung, gram, soya beans, peanuts etc. for the night. Filter it in the morning and wrap it in cotton cloth. When it gets germinated, then boil them. Now eat your favorite salad, such as tomato, onion, cucumber, beetroot, carrot and lemon, black salt etc. in boiled sprouts. This will fill the stomach and it is very healthy.

Popcorn and roasted almonds

If you want, you can eat a little bit popcorn popcorn in the evening. Yes, if you have not used a butter to make popcorn, then it can be healthy for you. Popcorn has good fat and carbohydrate, besides fiber also. In the evening you can eat 2 cups popcorn and 12-16 roasted almonds.

Apple and peanut butter

Apple is counted among the most healthy fruits. Apple has fiber, so eating it causes your appetite to cool for a while. You can eat apple peanut butter in a bowl. Keep in mind that you do not eat too big apples, but eat small apples or eat half a apple. Although the apple is sweet, but it can be eaten in small quantities, because many nutrients present in it are beneficial for your body.

Add a berries to Greek yogurt and eat

Yogurt is a dairy product that looks like curd. Greek yogurt is very beneficial for health. Yogurt can be a good snack for diabetic patients. It contains protein and calcium is also rich. If you want, you can also eat a few berries in yogurt.

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