Diabetes Diet: Control the blood sugar by eating these 2 types of rice, Read the advice of nutritionist

Diabetes Diet: Control the blood sugar by eating these 2 types of rice, Read the advice of nutritionist

Rice everyone likes. There are many people who can not live without rice. Rice is very important in their diet. Many types of rice are grown in most parts of India. The fragrance of rice and its taste are not one but countless. There are many types of questions resonating in everyone's mind about eating rice but the correct answer is not available. There are many important questions like rice, how much food should be eaten, when and how to eat, whether rice can be eaten in diabetes, and you may also be looking for answers.

Through this article we will tell you today how you eat rice. So that you get the full benefit of it. We are sharing some tips told by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Deewakar.

Can eat rice in diabetes?

In Traditional Indian Food, rice is eaten with lentils, vegetables, meat, curd and ghee. This reduces the glycemic index of food and hence it is completely safe for diabetic patients. The taste of rice is the best at cooking traditional way, just like ours and your grandmother cooked in the olden days.

Which rice is better - Brown or White?

Some people are confused about hand-watered rice or a polished white rice. Actually brown rice or brown rice contains a lot of fiber, which inhibits the absorption of minerals such as zinc, which is essential for working properly in insulin.

What kind of rice is beneficial?

If we talk about India, then thousands of rice is cultivated here. Every person has his own choice. These aromatic compounds are many nutritious and beneficial and act as antioxidants in the body. It is best that you eat a rice that is grown in the area around you. The special thing is that you can eat rice and bread together.

How much rice can eat?

If you are eating a nutritious meal between 4-6 a.m. and then exercising after that and are away from the gadgets at the time of food, then you just eat the right food. Do not take too much quantity of rice in between and neither does the low amount.

Can eat rice late in the night?

The easiest food is to digest rice. You can eat it as khichadi or pulse-rice. This is why you should eat lentils in the food.

How to eat rice at night?

If you are hungry after eating dal-rice in the dinner, then try that you eat ghee in your dal-rice and eat it slowly and eat it. Do not let the wanderers wander around while eating food. If you feel hungry then drink a glass of milk before sleeping.

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