Child Labor Makes Bad Impact on Mental Health, Learn How

Child Labor Makes Bad Impact on Mental Health, Learn How

World Childhood Day celebrated on June 12 every year is an important day highlighting the plight of hundreds of children who either work on their own or are forced to work for them. In both cases, these children have to work for their livelihood. This is a fast-growing tragedy all over the world, which needs to be resolved correctly so that children can be protected from mental harassment.

According to the estimation of the International Labor Organization, about 15.2 million children have engaged in child labor and these things are in almost all areas whether it is business or agriculture. According to an estimate, about 7 crore children are engaged in hazardous industries, which are directly affecting their mental health as well as their physical health.

Fear, frustration, and misbehavior

Child labor can have serious negative effects on children. Due to child labor, health is affected by both the physical and mental health of the children. There is a new fad on children, where they want to work to raise the 'necessary experience' for future job prospects. However, working on the workplace and oral abuse have a serious effect on the mental health of children.

Children may have the following problems as a result of child labor.

    Depression and Isolation
    Stress Disorders (PTSD) After Wound
    Psychosomatic disorders, including mind and body.
    Adjustment disorder, in which the child becomes difficult to adjust to a new environment, whether it is good or bad.
    Consumption of alcoholic herds, whose frightening experience leads to loss of will.
    Anxiety disorder, in which there is a lot of problems in adjusting the condition of the children to new situations and environment, which change their mood and cause worry.
The fall of psychological sentiment is normal

Tales of wages are made by children for the consumption of narcotics. There are many psychological effects of child labor. Children's mental health is one of the important topics of universal relevance. There have been many such cases where, when the mental health of children gets worse, they commit suicide. Aggression, anxiety, and drug abuse are among the psychological problems commonly found in children, due to which they go into the swamps of child labor.

Tips to save children from dementia

Children's mental health is a sensitive topic and it should be resolved very carefully. Proper treatment should be given to all children who show signs of abuse and psychological disorders to give a better and stable future. Childhood incidents and experiences often leave a terrible impression on the mental health of the child. When symptoms appear, you can make your children feel healthy in such away.

    Make the child feel embraced by hugging him.
    Spend time with the child, talk and share experiences.
    Identify the efforts of the child and when they do something good, praise them.
    Talk about ways to deal with difficult situations in mental health and daily life.
    Make them aware of the drug intake and the side effects of narcotics.
    Do not feel ashamed to take a child to a psychologist for counseling.

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