Blood Sugar: These 5 signs, which are visible on the increase or decrease of blood sugar

Blood Sugar: These 5 signs, which are visible on the increase or decrease of blood sugar

Are you among those people, who occasionally feel dizzy or weak? Maybe you have never noticed and sweated in your hands and feet when you feel confused and confused. If this is the case, then your blood sugar may not be controlled. If the blood sugar level goes below 72 mg / dL, then it is called low blood sugar. The normal blood sugar level of the body is between 80-110 mg / dL and 90 mg / dL is considered to be the average blood sugar level. Most people with diabetes are unaware of the danger of a lack of blood sugar. 5 such signs of growing and decreasing blood sugar, through which you can easily locate this condition.

Do not Check Blood Sugar

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet, exercise, and medication. But as long as you do not check the level of your blood sugar with the meter every day, you will not have the most accurate results. Anyone suffering from diabetes can get their blood sugar checked. At the same time, when you keep a check on your results, it is easy for you to tell your doctor about what direction the treatment is going on.

Drinking frequently and urinating (Thirst and frequent urination)

Frequent thirst and frequent urination indicate excessive sugar in your blood. Since your kidney has to work hard to filter the sugar, it pulls fluid in excess of your tissue, due to which you need to go to the bathroom again and again. Thirst is the way to tell your body that you need to fill the lost fluid again. If you do not drink an excess quantity of liquids then you will be a victim of dehydration.

Be Fatigue

Fatigue is also an indication that your blood sugar is not in your control. When sugar is in your bloodstream instead of going into your body cells, your muscles will not be able to fuel enough energy. You may feel a little tired or you are so tired that you need to take a sleep. People suffering from diabetes have a very strong sleep, especially after eating food.

Feeling dizzy or shaky

Dizziness or head dizziness can be a sign of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Your brain requires glucose to work, so blood loss may be less dangerous. Sometimes, if it is not treated with a lack of blood sugar, it can prove to be dangerous for life. A glass fruit juice can increase your blood sugar for a while. But if you are dizzy then talk to your doctor. 

Hands and Feet Swell

If your blood pressure is high as well as you have diabetes, then both these conditions can damage the ability of the kidneys to filter out the waste material and fluid over time. As the number of water increases in your body, your hands and feet will start swelling, which is an indication of kidney disease. You can preserve the activities of your kidneys through the prescription of diabetes and BP medicines suggested by the doctor. Diet changes can also help you. Work with a nutritionist to control your blood sugar.

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