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Why is progesterone hormone essential for pregnant women

Why is progesterone hormone essential for pregnant women

Progesterone is also called 'pregnancy hormone'. It is a hormone that is made naturally in women's body. These hormones play an important role in both the conditions of the pregnancy and the development of the baby during pregnancy. If a woman lacks progesterone, it is difficult to have her pregnancy. Apart from this, if the prostate is reduced after the pregnancy, the woman may have an abortion.

Even when not pregnant, progesterone hormones are necessary for women/girls because it also regulates hormone periods. During the monthly procedure, the level of progesterone in the body of the woman increases, especially during the process of ovulation. In the uterus where the eggs are fertilized, this hormone produces a layer. The ovary produces this hormone until the third trimester of pregnancy, in about 9-10 weeks the placenta takes its place on the ovary. If this level of hormone falls, abortion can occur.

The role of progesterone before pregnancy

Progesterone hormone prepares the uterus to conceive. This action occurs in the middle of menstruation, when periods of periods occur, about two weeks after the ovulation process is done. During the ovulation process, ovary starts production of progesterone hormone as per the requirement of uterus. Progesterone thickens the lining of the uterus (intrauterine or endometrium). It creates certain environments in the uterus for the fertilized egg, which helps in conceiving the egg.

Role of Progesterone during pregnancy

Progesterone hormone not only helps in pregnancy but also contributes to fetal development during pregnancy. After pregnancy, this hormone in the uterus produces an enabling environment for the development of the fetus. The need for this hormone increases in the uterus, causing the uterus to produce progesterone hormones in a greater amount.

How to increase progesterone hormone

Some women do not produce this hormone due to health problems. Which makes them difficult to conceive. The lack of this hormone also has a problem of infertility. Women who are having difficulty in conceiving can check for the hormone levels to check. There are many types of products available in the market for which you can increase progesterone levels. You should consult your doctor for this.

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