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Why are some children allergic to milk? Learn Reason and Measure

Why are some children allergic to milk? Learn Reason and Measure

Many people may be allergic to different foods. In this way, people avoid the use of these things. Similarly, many people are allergic to milk and milk products. This allergy is common in children, but do you know how many people are allergic to milk? If not, then we tell you. Due to some proteins present in milk, many people may be allergic to the body. The cause of cow's milk and milk allergies is the reason. Apart from this, buffalo, goat, and other mammals can also be allergic to milk. The alpha-S1 casein protein is the highest in cow's milk, which is mainly due to the conversion of milk.

Signs of allergic milk in children

Children or babies who are allergic to milk, they do not feel so quickly. Generally, symptoms of milk allergies can be seen in many hours or days after several days. Allergic milk is mostly in newborns and children, which can have many symptoms.
The color of urine starts to darken, which can sometimes cause blood or mucus.
Stomach cramps are also a common symptom of milk allergy.
There are also skin rashes due to allergic reactions in milk.
Diseases and cough are also common symptoms.
Apart from this, wet eyes, flowing noses can also be signs of it.
Some symptoms of milk allergies are visible soon, such as dizziness, vomiting, nervousness, itching of lips and swollen lips and throat are also common symptoms.
Some children also have anaphylactic shock due to allergic reactions, in which the child may feel swollen lips, throat, and mouth. Anaphylactic can cause blood loss, breathing difficulties. It should be done instantly. Otherwise, it can be fatal.
This is caused by the lack of lactase enzyme when the milk lactose reaches the small intestine, the glucose and galactose break from the lactase enzyme due to which milk is not easily digested. When someone is unable to digest milk, then it is a problem of lactose intolerance. It also has digestive issues, along with allergic problems.

Defend and Treatment of Allergies of Milk

For allergic milk, your child should stop consuming the milk that is allergic to milk.
For allergic milk, you should first seek medical advice.
If you are giving milk to the child, then give milk that does not contain Lactose. Try this baby in the condition of soy milk.

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