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What precautions are there before taking abortion medication

What precautions are there before taking abortion medication

Sometimes women take abortion pills to eliminate unwanted pregnancy. Without the advice of any doctor, these medicines can be very dangerous to eat. Most women are not aware of how safe the taking of abortion medication is within days of pregnancy. Apart from this, there are many types of side effects of these medicines, about which women do not have information and later they have to face difficulties. Let us tell you all the important things related to abortion medicines.

When can you take abortion medication

If you have accidentally got pregnant, you should contact the doctor before taking abortion medication. Usually, doctors find out if you should abort or not after the ultrasound and some other tests. Although abortion pills are for the ninth week of pregnancy. Generally, 2 medicines are given for this. The doctor tells you how much difference is between the first drug and the second medication. These drugs have a lot of side effects, so these medicines should not be taken without the advice of a trained person or doctor.

Ready for abortion

You should take abortion pills only when you are 100 percent sure that you have to cancel this pregnancy.
If you have made a mind, you should take an ultrasound with the advice of the doctor before taking the medication.
If doctors prevent you from aborting, then you should not take any medication from yourself. It can be deadly.

Why is ultrasound important

By making ultrasound it will become clear to you that pregnancy is in the womb or it is an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy or outside the uterus). If there is an unstable pregnancy, abortion pills should never be taken as it has adverse effects and life can also be in danger. When abortion pills are taken in ectopic pregnancy, it can have fatal consequences in the form of fallopian tubes.

Ultrasound also reveals the precise duration of pregnancy, i.e. how many weeks a pregnant woman is.
In case of pregnancy if pregnancy is more than 49 days, then abortion pills should never be taken without medical supervision.
Abortion pills should be taken in the first two weeks of pregnancy.

What is the guarantee of abortion drugs?

According to the 'feminist' women's health center, if an abortion pill is taken within the first two weeks of pregnancy and taken in a guided way, then it can be effective from 95% to 97%. If the patient is seriously ill then he should always remember the need for medical guidance. Such medical conditions include chronic adrenal failure, anemia, heart disease or uncontrolled epileptic disorder. The abortion pill should be taken within 49 days from your last menstrual or otherwise, its effectiveness, after complications such as complications of irregular and long-lasting bleeding, results in consequences.

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