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What is a perfect time to get pregnant, know Expert's opinion

What is a perfect time to get pregnant, know Expert's opinion

Most women in the country are not aware of changes in their body and their causes. If women are aware of changes in their bodies with their age, then they can remain healthy for a long time and can keep their health correct. Ovulation is one of the changes in age of women in the body. This is especially important for those women who want to become mothers.

Ovulation plays an important role in the life of a woman. The action of coming out of ovary from eggs is called ovulation. In women, this process occurs during the monthly cycle. If a woman wants to be Pregnant then this period is considered to be the best. The correct information of ovulation can have many benefits and women can easily conceive. It is easy to control berth if sexual relations are not formed during ovulation.

The women who have read about ovulation are not aware of this. That is why they have to face many kinds of problems. Dr. Jyoti Mishra, associate director of Obstetrics and Gynecologist at JP Hospital, has shared many details about ovulation, whose information is extremely important for women, especially those who have dreamed of pregnancy.

Describing ovulation, Dr. Jyoti Mishra said that in women, ovulation is basically called to come out of egg ovaries. That is, it is time for the Deputy Commissioner to conceive. It is 12th to 16th day of the beginning of the period and the timing of ovulation of women who have irregular periods is different.

Symptoms of ovulation

In these days the body has more temperature than normal days.
There is strong desire for sexual relations.
Vaginal secretion becomes thick and sticky after ovulation compared to other days.

How to find out the ovulation

Apart from this, it can also be tested by ovulation detector. This device checks the level of luteinising hormone in women's urine and determines whether the ovulation has occurred, with this device you can detect ovulation 12 to 24 hours earlier.

In this situation, what changes are seen in the body of women, on which Dr. Jyoti said that during this time there is strong desire for sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge becomes thick and viscous compared to other days and body temperature is the other day More than that.

What is the effect of ovulation on the fetus, on which she told that to get pregnant eggs have to be sperm in the fallopian tubes, but eggs survive for only 24 hours,

Therefore, it is important to meet both of them on time, but sperm survives for 7 days, so there is no need for haste.

He told that keep in mind that you have 5 days during ovulation to be pregnant. If you are having sexual intercourse during this time, then you can easily get pregnant by getting eggs and sperm.

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