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Tuberculosis risk in children may increase due to parental liver

Tuberculosis risk in children may increase due to parental liver

Tuberculosis (tuberculosis) is a dangerous infectious disease. Not only adults but also children are coming in the grip. Tuberculosis is also called tuberculosis or tuberculosis. This is a lung related disease, which is directly affecting children. This causes children to have trouble breathing. Due to the fragility of children, TB has more effect on them. Due to this lethal disease, a child may also be killed. Therefore, the guardian should take special care of your child. Do not ignore any symptoms of tuberculosis in the child; immediately consult the doctor.

Types of Tuberculosis in Children

There may be several types of tuberculosis in children. Like-

    Child TB.
    Progressive Primary TB
    Military TB
    TB of the brain
    Bone TB

TB in children from parents

In most children, TB is more in the other organs other than lungs, which is called Extra Pulmonary TB. One of the significant causes of TB in children is that of their parents or family members too. If there is a TB disease in your family, your child's chances of disease increase. If the child comes in contact with TB patient, then it is more prone to TB. It is challenging to identify TB in children. In general, the symptoms of TB in the child are as follows.


The most prominent symptom of TB is a continuous cough. If your child is coughing two weeks or more, then it can be a symptom of TB. It is a significant symptom of the baby before it comes to dry cough and subsequent cough with mucus. Also, in TB disease, the child may be unconscious due to breathing and breathing while breathing during breathing and breathing. Do not ignore all these symptoms. On time treatment is the only defense.


Tuberculosis germs reach the body and other organs very quickly with the lungs of the child. The child is iller in progressive primary TB. This causes the child to have a slight fever continuously. Because of this, irritability in the child is also very high. This is why the child starts sweating while sleeping. In this, the child raises fever and keeps on falling. So many times, parents take it lightly.

Lose weight

Due to tuberculosis, the child may be a victim of malnutrition and anemia. When TB occurs, the weight of the child starts decreasing. Apart from this, the appetite of the child falls, or the child is also vulnerable to eating correctly. So keep this in mind the parents. If your child's weight is continuously decreasing, then definitely check the child's health for him.


Due to cough and fever, the child's immune system (immunity) decreases. Due to which the child's energy is significantly reduced. In this case, the child feels dull and fatigued. Even when walking or playing, the child gets tired and does not feel like playing any game.

Skin effect

Due to TB, the child's skin also has a profound effect. Because the child's skin is very fragile, so when the TB occurs, the child's skin starts to read yellow. TB also has many adverse effects on the surface of the child, in which its skin may be stained or allergic.
Parents Remember these tips.

     If you have any symptoms of TB in the child, then take the doctor's advice and get the TB course completed.
     Keep the child away from TB sufferers, until TB patient is completely cured.
The district TB may notify the TB on the diagnosis of TB. This will help you in the treatment.
     The child does not face the face or mouth; this also increases the risk of TB.
     If there is a small child at home, then do not smoke at home. Children with smoking can also be at risk of TB.
     Provide a nutritious and Healthy diet to the child. This facilitates the treatment of TB.

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