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The pregnancy test kit may detect testicular Cancer in men

The pregnancy test kit may detect testicular Cancer in men

Many types of Cancer in men can be examined, pregnancy test pregnancy in women can be done with 'Pregnancy Test Kit.' Yes, it can be unbelievable to hear, but in the UK, there is a lot of talk about this in the medical world after a boy has tested positive for testicular Cancer from the pregnancy test kit. This news was published in the leading newspaper 'The Telegraph.'

All practitioners believe that pregnancy testing kits can be used as a home remedy to test for testicular cancers and many other types of cancers. Although the result is 40-50% authentic, in the initial stage, it can be used for private screening. Let's tell you how the pregnancy test kit says how Cancer's address.

Some cancers release particular hormones.

Textile cancer is slightly different from other types of cancer. Testicle cancer releases a particular element in the patient's blood, which is called 'tumor markers.' Typically tumor markers are of several types, 3 of which are most common - AFP (alpha-fetoprotein), HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and LDH (lactate dehydrogenase). Of these, HCG is a hormone which is released in women's body when pregnant.

How Does Pregnancy Test Kit Work?

The pregnancy test kit available in the market identifies HCG in urine (piss), which is a particular hormone found in women when pregnant. Now the point of note is that even though there are many types of cancers, HCG hormones secrete in the body, especially testicular cancer. Although this hormone release is not necessary when it is cancerous.

HCG hormones are released in only 15% of the starting stage and 50% of cases of advanced stage. Therefore these tests can not be used for absolutely strict scrutiny.
How reliable are the results of this test?

There is also a problem with this test that many times the cancerous tumors do not release HCG in such a large amount, which can easily hold the pregnancy test kit. So if you are suffering from various test and you are suspected of testicular cancer, you can check it by using the pregnancy test kit.

You should contact the doctor without delay and should be examined authentically by ultrasound and blood tests when it results in positive results. But if the problem persists for two days, even if the effect is negative.

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