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Packeted and flavored fruit juice can be dangerous for children's brain

Packeted and flavored fruit juice can be dangerous for children's brain

Be careful with packaged and flavored fruit juices in the juice market. This packeted and flavored fruit juice taste is found in the market, but in health, it is fatal for your children. Sugar in this juice that is available in the market is of very high level and does not contain nutrients. Therefore, doctors also suggest you eat fresh fruit juices at home instead of liquid found in the market. Let us tell you how packeted and flavored fruit juices have a terrible effect on the health of you and your children.

Effect of packaged fruit juice

According to Consumer Reports Magazine, cadmium, organic, arsenic, and mercury or lead are found in packaged and flavored fruit juice, which has a terrible effect on the health of children. Most branded milk in the market was also included in this study. In which almost metal cutter was found in near juice. If the child takes half a cup of this juice throughout the day, it can be dangerous for his health.

In this study tested 45 juices and found that 21 were found in large quantities of metal. It was startling in the survey to researchers working with consumer reports. James Dickerson, Chief Science Officer of Consumer Reports, said that drinking only 4 ounces a day can prove to be dangerous for health. Researchers say that because children face high levels of food, food and other food products as well as water and environment, so if they drink packaged fruit juice, then they can increase their risk for health. goes.

Effect of packaged and flavored fruit juice brain

It is harmful due to the massive quantity of metal in packaged and flavored fruit juice. There is heavy metal in the available junk food and drinks in the market. Toxins also come in this food and beverages during manufacturing packets or product packaging. Apart from this, it is harmful to your child due to being heavy metal sometimes in packeted juice. According to the study, minerals found in packeted milk have a terrible effect on the nurse system of the child and are also responsible for damaging the child's distressing brain.

Make a healthy juice at home

If you and your children are fond of Juices, you can make juice at home instead of packaged juice. It is hugely beneficial for you and your baby's health. The sauce made at home is not mixed and healthy, in which the level of sugar is not high, and it is also rich in nutrients. So you prepare a fresh fruit juice at home and give your children healthy candy juice. Keep in mind that organic liquid can be dangerous too.


Sugar should never be mixed with sugar at the time of making juice.
Make vegetable juices even without sugar.
When making any fruit or vegetable juice, sugar is not mixed in it. Vegetables like fruits and carrots contain naturally occurring sugar.
Mixing sugar in the juice can increase weight.
Drinking juice without caffeine is only beneficial for drinking.
Do not make the juice of chopped fruit a month ago. Whenever you make juice, keep in mind that fruits are always fresh.

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