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Men above age 35 should have these five medical tests every year

Men above age 35 should have these five medical tests every year

After the age of 35-40, many changes occur in the person's body. Nowadays, people become victims of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. in puberty. This is the reason that the risks of many life-threatening diseases are increasing as well as aging. Due to not focusing on health, nowadays, cases of heart attack, cancer, etc. have increased significantly. There are some such health checkups, which every male has to do one year in the year after 35 years of age. Let's tell you that health checkups.

Get BMI check

The BMI body index is a simple health check. In BMI, the ratio of the length of the person and its weight is extracted, so that it can be ascertained how healthy he is. Obesity is a big problem nowadays. Obesity itself is not a disease, but it can cause many kinds of conditions. The BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered correct. If your BMI is more than that, then you should make changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Check teeth

You will be surprised to know that your teeth and heart are deeply related. Many common causes of heart disease can cause a heart attack. Therefore, every year, check your teeth properly. Do not treat any problems that occur in the gums as usual.

Check blood sugar

Diabetes occurs when the amount of sugar in the blood increases. Although many of the symptoms do not appear in the beginning, therefore, after the age of 35, it must be checked 1-2 times a year for its blood sugar levels. If diabetes is detected at the right time, then it can be corrected by changes in medicines and lifestyle. No treatment of diabetes is available if the problem increases.

Check cholesterol

Due to increased cholesterol, the risk of heart diseases such as heart attacks, cardiac arrest, heart block, etc. increases. Actually, due to cholesterol growth, the plaque starts arterially in the arteries, which inhibits the blood circulation. Therefore, check your cholesterol levels at least once a year. With this, you can avoid the dangers of a heart attack.

Check metabolism

Your health depends on your body's metabolism. If your metabolism is weak, then you increase the risk of many diseases like diabetes, obesity, weaknesses, etc. Metabolic syndrome is examined when these symptoms appear.

    Waist size 40 or more
    Good cholesterol volume below 40 mg/dl
    Triglycerides level greater than 150 mg / dL
    Blood pressure greater than 130/85
    Fasting glucose level exceeding 100

If you see any of these 03 symptoms, then your doctor can also do a C-Reactive protein check. This is considered the best way to monitor the health of the heart.

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