Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Keep children away from the danger of type 2 diabetes, so keep these things safe

Keep children away from the danger of type 2 diabetes, so keep these things safe

Diabetes today is spreading very fast all over the world. Not only adults but also children are coming in its grip. In India, a large number of children are diabetic. This is an autoimmune disease. This disease in the immune system destroys insulin-making cells in pancreatic, which has a terrible effect on children's health. The significant signs of this can be a pain, vomiting, headache, fatigue, and frequent urination in the stomach. All these symptoms point to diabetes.

Distance from Processed Junk Foods

Diabetes can be kept in control by healthy eating habits. The problem of diabetes due to the lifestyles of today is increasing. Because people eat more junk foods and sugary food and drinks. Which he does not prevent his children from consuming it. Children also like this diet, which promotes the risk of diabetes. So avoid using junk foods and processed foods. Parents feed their children to healthy foods, so the child is fit for your child.

Lifestyle changes

Diabetes is also due to a large number of genetic causes. If a parent or family member has diabetes problems, then the risk of having type 2 diabetes in children is high. The risk of type 2 diabetes can be avoided by feeding healthy foods at a young age. So parents feed their children with healthy and nutritious food. Just as you can include healthy fat, whole grains, and low-fat dairy in your children's diet.


Include a balanced diet in your diet and have breakfast daily.
Avoid eating junk food and processed foods.
Also, sleep for 7-8 hours.
Diabetes can also be controlled by exercise. So add daily use to your daily routine.

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