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Hydrocele 'is filled in the testicles of water, know its correct treatment

Hydrocele 'is filled in the testicles of water, know its correct treatment

Hydroele is a problem in men, due to the accumulation of fluid in the testicles, inflammation occurs in the test sac, and it gets very much blossomed. Many times the Hydrocele can also be in 1 tests, and sometimes it can happen in both. Due to the accumulation of liquids in this way, the testicle is suffering from severe pain, and due to its size, the person starts having problems in daily activities. Water is taken out from the testicles for the treatment of Hydrocele.

Usually, the cause of Hydrocele may be injuries in the testicle, pressure on the nerves passing, any disease or infection. These problems are more common in younger children. Many times the issue of Hydroxyl is hereditary. It is also found to be at higher risk of people over 40 years of age. Although Hydrocele is pain and swelling in the testicles, it is a significant symptom. But sometimes without pain, the fluid increases in the testicles, which is essential to pay attention.

    Often, the testicles cannot be felt due to the surrounding fluid.
    In Hydrocele, the size of the fluid gets reduced or more due to the pressure of the stomach or scrotum pouch.
    If the size of the collection of fluid in the body keeps changing, then it is also possible to be associated with maximum hemorrhage.
    Hydrocele can be easily identified.
    Ultrasound technology can also be used to diagnose it. Ultrasound is a clear fluid filled with testicles.

Hydrocele therapy

Through surgery

Often Hydrocele is not dangerous but still may require surgery in it. If the volume of Hydrocele has increased so much that if there is a problem, then surgery is needed. Hydrocele can cause problems in blood circulation. In such cases, it is treated with Operation. If the fluid is clean or there is an infection or leakage of blood, then the operation is taken for its exit.

Through Aspiration

This process is called inventory, by which the water stored in the testicles is extracted — after aspiration, injecting the sclerosing drug to stop the pore. Doing this also does not accumulate water in the future, and the possibility of reducing the hydrocele complaint is even less. However, surgery is given priority to extract water from the testicles, but it is the right way for those who do not want to take the risk of surgery.


If Hydrocele is harmonious, it is necessary to correct the surgery as soon as possible. Because this type of Hydrocele does not end automatically for months and years. A hydrocele is usually done by an operation called hydroceolocytomy.

However, Hydrocele is treated with aspiration and sclerosing, but there may be some danger from treating like this. Because of this, there may be a problem of light pain, infection, and fibrosis around the testicles.

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