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Drying under Garments in Hidden or Shade can lead to many infections

Drying under Garments in Hidden or Shade can lead to many infections

In our society, undergarments are kept in the open or drying is seen in shame. Most mothers scold their daughters on drying undergarments in the open. Now whether he is in the village or the city Women do not dry their panties or bra like free clothes. He always helps him by covering him with a cloth or sardine, so that he does not look after the men or the rest of the house. But physicians believe that always undergarments should be dry in the open sun in the open. Because often women are covered with a cloth after washing the underwear, which causes many diseases and infections in women. Because the underwear is not able to get sunshine and air, and continuous contact with the genitals, many insects grow in the eggs. If the panties are not dried properly, then the bacteria get an opportunity to grow, and there are various types of diseases. So it is very important to clean the undergarments in the sun and clean them. If you also do such negligence towards personal hygiene, then be careful too. Because the carelessness associated with underwear can lead to many types of diseases.

UTI Infection

Due to the lack of cleanliness of dirty underwear or private parts, there is a risk of UTI infection in the urinary tract. The incubation of sunlight and away from the air and continuous exposure to the genitals causes many of them to grow in the germs. Due to which they should clean the private parts, and the undergarments should always be dry in the open to keep them healthy so that they can get both air and sunlight and no germs are present in it. Doing this will reduce the risk of UTI infection.

Kidney stone

Due to the lack of cleanliness of genitals and underwear, there is a risk of kidney stones or infections in kidney stones. Apart from this, the infections caused by unprotected sex between women and wearing dirty eggs increases the risk of kidney stones in women. Dirt and germs in the eggs go into the bladder, which causes kidney stones. Therefore, always replace underwear with daily cleaning on or after the second day.

Skin infections

Often, wearing the same eggs for more days, the bites grow and cause infection. Not only does the body get stingy odor, but also the risk of many infectious diseases. Due to not wearing dirty underwear and cleanliness, there may also be skin infections around the private parts. This creates the problem of itching rhesus.

Infection prevention in private parts

Always clean the private parts and wear fresh eggs.
Use cotton edgewear to avoid vaginal yeast infections. The air keeps on crossing, and it absorbs the moisture in the vagina. Do not use the underwear of Nylon apart from it.
Keep clear undergarments dry away from moisture. Also, dry the eggs well in the sun.

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