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Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS Treatment - Additional Suggestions

Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS Treatment - Food Instructions

For those with Crohn's, IBS, or Colitis Dr. Dahlman has specific instructions for allowed food ingestion.

He recommends eating fruit first since it is easily digested. If eaten last, delayed digestion from may contribute to gas and bloating.

Fructose is the sugar in fruits, and may cause a problem. If so, fruit ingestion may have to be controlled.

This also could mean tight control of sugar, honey and most sweets, because they all contain fructose.

Eggs are not dairy products, and are OK. Butter is OK. It is pure fat and doesn’t cause problems like milk protein and carbohydrate do. If you like butter enjoy it.

Dr. Dahlman also recommends discontinue taking vitamins, minerals and herbs during treatment.

A stool sample, as used by many physicians, looks for blood or parasites. The thousands of stool tests ordered by Dr. Dahlman reveal parasites in only 3 or 4 samples a year.

The information needed relates to bacteria and yeasts. Too little good bacteria and too much of the wrong types of bacteria and too high a yeast concentration creates havoc in these serious disorders.

If Candida or yeast is found in greater than normal amounts in Colitis, IBS, or Crohn's, it is well to be aware of this before starting the rigorous treatment and diet needed to clear up the symptoms.

Special Instructions Regarding Prescription Drugs

If during treatment symptoms are disappearing and you wish to reduce your dependence on prescription drugs do so with the knowledge and approval of your physician.

Decrease one pill of one prescription at a time. Maintain this level for three weeks and continue only if symptoms do not reoccur. If symptoms do not come back, then you may reduce one more pill and hold for 3 weeks.

If symptoms come back, go back to last effective dose of the prescription drug and hold for a month or two, then try again. There is no need to be in a hurry.

Dr Dahlman does not believe you need a colon cleanse. If a cleanse does not do any good in these serious disorders, a cleanse will not be of any benefit to those with normal intestinal tracts.

I’m glad I never gave in to these claims for need of a colon cleanse, even as I wondered if there were any truth to them.

Dr. Dahlman offers a “do your own thing” in following his written protocol for treating Colitis, IBSand Crohn's. But there are problems with this approach. While you are personally aware of the acute symptoms, you probably don’t know what he knows from treating thousands of patients over the years.

I would think the telephone interviews, while expensive, could be invaluable in confronting the many variations of the symptoms.

Other Websites

There are other websites that offer supplements that treat the colon and claim to re-populate the colon with their own brand of bacterial components. By using these you may be flying in the dark with only an online store and listing of products to self-treat a very complex set of symptoms that are part of Colitis, IBS, and Crohn's.

Some of these websites have changed since I first investigated these diseases. By typing in any of the keywords, e.g. Crohn’s Disease/Treatment, Irritable Bowel Disease, or Colitis into Google or other preferred search engine, you may find a lot of information that may be useful.

I still like Dr. Dahlman’s explanation and treatment better than anything else I have read.

This URL will lead to the 32 page report by Dr Dahlman on the treatment of Colitis, IBS, and Crohn's. A new window will open. Download of the pdf report may take a few minutes.

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