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Tamoxifen A Medical Mistakel

Tamoxifen A Carcingen

In Wikipedia tamoxifen is described almost in glowing terms. Although some adverse reactions are admitted, the author(s) speak strongly on the side of industry. The articles in the two URL's below are more much more committed to women's position as victims of the drug. Both articles are long. If you want to digest them for your self, please do so. Click on the appropriate URL at the end of the article to open the wanted article.

A summary of the main points of the two is presented below.

Tamoxifen: Dangerous Drug


This cancer treatment drug:
doesn't save lives,
causes liver disease and liver cancer toxicity,
can stimulate the growth of certain cancers,
can cause menopausal symptoms in young women,
has potentially lethal side effects,
has the risk of life threatening blood clots,
can cause eye damage, and many others.


Tamoxifen: A Medical Mistake

This drug is described early as a garbage drug by an esteemed cancer researcher.
It can act as an estrogen or anti-estrogen.
It is the most widely used drug by women with breast cancer as of 2004.
The PDR lists 25 adverse reactions, some of which can be fatal.
Vaginal discharge and vaginal atrophy can occur.
Absence of a menstrual cycle in young women can be permanent.

The drug manufacturer admits it is a liver carcinogen but actively promotes its use. Is it because cancer treatment is a 200 billion dollar industry?

Some other statements about the drug are frightening. The World Health Organization lists 70 chemicals acknowledged worldwide as carcinogens, and 1/4 of the 70 are prescription drugs. One of those 18 or 19 is tamoxifen.. (Data found in Tamoxifen: A major medical mistake, under Carcinogenic Effects)

California has its own list of carcinogenic chemicals. When data about tamoxifen was presented it was immediately listed as a carcinogen.

Wikipedia indicates the drug is still being used especially in women with the possibility of recurring breast cancer. It acknowledges many side effects but seems to favor the continued use of the drug. And why not when it is a significant part of a 200 billion dollar cancer treatment industry. Tamoxifen a major medical mistake.

Tamoxifen a dangerous drug.

Tamoxifen may be an example of the pharmaceutical industries state of affairs.

Definition of Nutritional diseases.

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