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Statins and Energy

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Statins and Energy Production

Statins Are Dangerous Drugs

• Statins, such as Lipitor and Zocar, lower cholesterol and CoQ10 blood levels.
So What. What's the big deal? Muscle Weakness. The heart is a muscle. That's the big deal. Keep on reading.
• Cholesterol and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) share the same biosynthetic pathway in the body.

http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com/Synthesis-Of-Cholesterol.html Copy and paste in your browser to see the biosynthetic scheme.

• Lack of CoQ10 leads to muscle weakness. The heart is a muscle.
• The heart uses more CoQ10 than any other muscle.

Heart failure epidemic is blamed on statins. Most mainline physicians disagree here.
So you don't have heart failure now? Wait a few years along with statin therapy, and you'll wish you'd never heard of it. Untreated it is virtually a death sentence. And treated with pharmaceutical drugs won't help your sentence.


• Cholesterol and CoQ10 are needed to make cells waterproof. If one or both are low because of statin use, or other reasons, muscle and nerve cells can’t work right.

For the many important needs of cholesterol in the human body click on 'The Importance of Cholesterol' below.For those with no biology or biochemistry training QUIT HERE You may want to go down to the links at the bottom of the page

Details of the importance of CoQ10 are given below.

Cholesterol and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) share the same biochemical pathway in the cell up to a compound called mevalonate. The last reaction to form mevalonate is inhibited by statins and stimulated by insulin.

Every carbon atom in cholesterol comes from excess carbohydrate digestion and is stimulated by insulin. There is no relationship with fat. This explains the details of the next three paragraphs.

Mevalonate is formed from excess carbohydrates, particularly fructose. These carbohydrates are broken down to a substance called acetyl CoA. Fructose, which comes from sucrose or table sugar, and high fructose corn syrup is broken down more rapidly to acetyl CoA than glucose, the other part of sugar.

The 2 carbons in the acetyl portion of acetyl CoA from sugar and starches provide all the carbons in mevalonate (6 carbons) Body cells require 3 acetyl CoA compounds to complete these reactions to make mevalonate. These reactions take several steps.

Mevalonate molecules go through a reaction to reduce the 6 carbons to 5. The resulting 5 carbon compounds are put together to form cholesterol, and several other important compounds.

Statins prevent formation of mevalonate, and therefore prevent, or inhibit, the synthesis of cholesterol. They also inhibit the synthesis of CoQ10 from mevalonate. Is this important?

You bet. Keep reading.

Every normal cell has mitochondria which is the main energy producer of the cell. CoQ10 is part of the electron transport scheme in the mitochondria which makes ATP, the energy currency of cells. When energy is needed to make the many molecules of cells and tissues, ATP provides the vast majority of the energy for those reactions.

The heart stores lots of CoQ10 because the heart uses more energy than perhaps any other organ in the body. If the body doesn’t have enough CoQ10 because its synthesis is inhibited by statins, or other means, the heart suffers. This leads to congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart.

Statins have been shown to cause muscle weakness. Their ads do admit muscle weakness is a serious side effect. But it is not necessarily a minor side effect as they claim. Baycol has been taken off the market because muscle weakness resulted in death. The heart is a muscle, and those who suffer muscle weakness are in danger of dying.

In the US, deaths from congestive heart failure doubled from 1989 to 1997. Widespread use of statins began in 1987.

Some physicians believe the epidemic of heart failure today is due to widespread use of statins. Many mainstream physicians dispute this.

Importance of Cholesterol and CoQ10 in Cell Membranes

Cholesterol and CoQ10 are important in making cell membranes impermeable. An impermeable membrane makes it possible for different reactions to go on inside and outside the cell. If the cell membrane becomes leaky because cholesterol and CoQ10 are in short supply, see biosynthetic scheme above, because of statin use, or other means, muscle and nerve tissue cannot function effectively.

CoQ10 also functions as an important antioxidant which the body can rejuvenate. Antioxidants that we eat with foods cannot be rejuvenated.

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