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Unique People Groups

We can learn from some unique people groups the requirements for superior health. These groups were studied in the late 1920's and 30's by Weston A. Price D.D.S. The purpose was to determine the reason(s) for their excellent health, and when that good health was lost, especially as indicated by their sensitivity to dental decay. Information about nutrient levels, particularly the fat soluble vitamins, was gained by his laboratoryinvestigations.

One of these was the inhabitants of the Loetschental Valley in the mountains of Switzerland. They were keepers of cattle and lived off their herds. They had raw whole milk to drink, and cheese and butter from this milk. They were able to grow rye grains from which they made a coarse bread. They ate meat once a week, and were able to grow some vegetables to supplement their diet.

They had no policemen, doctors, hospitals, dentists, jails or asylums, and no need of any these. They were immune to dental caries as long as they stayed on their local diet. Investigation of death records revealed no one in the Valley had ever died of tuberculosis, which ravished other parts of Switzerland at that time. They had one church and an excellent education system for their children. Other details can be found at URL http://www.modern-diets-and-nutritional-diseases.com/dairy.html or in the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price D.D.S.

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Be sure to scroll down, or Click on Alaska's Eskimos to resume the page discussion after the intervening session to discover the Ikarians secret to health and longevity.
Alaska's Eskimos

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Alaska's Eskimos and Ikaria's Population

Alaska's Eskimos were superior physical specimens as long as they stayed on their native diet which consisted largely of fish, blubber from some ocean inhabitants, and some aquatic vegetation. They were resistant to dental decay, cancer, and tuberculosis. When they changed their diet to the sugary foods of the white man they succumbed to all three deadly diseases. They were so badly affected it was feared they might die off if they didn't get help.

Dr. Price' book tells of a number of peoples, African tribes, South Sea Islanders, Peruvian mountain peoples, and others he visited, that had superior health on their native diets. Those that left their native diets were drastically affected by the same sugary foods that are on our store shelves today.

Ikaria and US Health Compared

The September October 2009 issue of AARP carried a story of a man that left his native home of Ikaria, a Greek island, and emigrated to the US. At age 40 he was given a sentence of death in one year because he had abdominal cancer. He quit his well paying job and moved back to Ikaria. Thirty-nine years later he has outlived the physicians who gave him his death sentence.

The author organized a mission to Ikaria to find out why Ikarians were healthy and long lived compared to the US. Ikarians heart disease rate is about half the US rate while diabetes rates are one-ninth of the US.

Diet is of the Mediterranean type consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, potatoes, some whole grains, goats milk, fish and meat. Lots of extra virgin olive oil is sprinkled on nearly everything. Ikarian honey is a favorite sweetener.

There was no word in the article about whether the goats milk was raw or pasteurized. This may have been intentional, and if so it is unfortunate. There is abundant evidence that clean raw whole milk is nutritious and contributes to other peoples health and longevity. See the URLs below to review the pages for the importance of dairy in the lives of the Swiss Mountain People and the African tribes. New windows will open for these pages.

So I am sure the goats milk is raw. Raw goats milk can be a good source for goat cheeses but not butter I understand, since goats milk is naturally homogenized. Greek honey has antibacterial, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. US honey, which does not have these properties, is heated to 118F to retard crystallization, which kills all enzyme activity. I'm sure Ikaria's honey is not so heated.

Other attributes included a relaxed way of life, exercise which includes gardening, active religious expression, late night activities and afternoon naps.

Many of the peoples identified by Dr. Price have given way to western diets that consume processed manufactured foodstuffs with modern nutritional diseases that accompany these foods. It is gratifying to know that there still exists peoples that have resisted modern nutritional diets.

What happened to these people groups immunity to disease when they left their local diets?

Swiss Mountain people and raw dairy products.

African tribes and raw milk use.

Home Page where nutritional diseases are defined.

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