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Statins and Energy

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Nutritional Diseases and Statins

Do Statins Save Llives, or Just Lower Cholesterol

Statins, such as Lipitor or Zocor, contribute to nutritional diseases. They may or may not lower cholesterol, but they do cause collateral damage as will be seen towards the bottom of the page.

Cholesterol is a small molecule necessary for life and yet is causing “mounting anxiety on the part of health-conscious people”. This quotation is found in the website at http://users.rcn.com/jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/C/Cholesterol.html

This website contains good information on the importance of cholesterol in the body. But then it goes on to adopt the party line that will seek to put more people on statins, and turn healthy people into life long patients, which is the goal of the pharmaceutical drug companies. They also make normal people into hypochondriacs worried about their cholesterol levels. And this worry puts needless stress in their lives.

Smokers, diabetics, and those with high blood pressure should all be put on statins according to this article.

Why put smokers on statins? Why not assist them to quit smoking? Smoking is a powerful risk factor for heart disease. Cholesterol is not.

Uffe Ravnskov MD, PhD, in his book has pointed to study after study that has shown only a weak or no association of cholesterol with atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease (CHD), or death from CHD.

Malcolm Kendrick MD, also pointed out the lack of association of cholesterol and saturated fat with heart disease.

Why put those with high blood pressure on statins? Studies have implicated that stress adversely affects cardiac arteries. Why not help them recognize stress in their lives and enable them to lower those stress levels and blood pressure without drugs?

Why put diabetics on statins? Why not advise Diabetes II patients, especially those that are obese, to strictly control their intake of processed sugary and starchy foods?

All these alternative suggestions will help people deal directly with their problem and result in less stress, control their weight, reduce their blood pressure, and naturally reduce their cholesterol levels.

Statins have had a benevolent effect on only a narrow population of men that are in danger of dying from a heart attack. The effects are not due to cholesterol lowering but possibly on the inhibition of inflammation.

Have you noticed that statin advertisements on TV speak about reducing the risk of heart attacks by reducing cholesterol levels. It has been shown that cholesterol lowering drugs don’t save lives or reduce CHD. Statins only decrease cholesterol. And if they decrease cholesterol, they also decrease the production of CoenzymeQ10, which is necessary for energy production in every cell in the body.

In some studies there has been a slight reduction in CHD deaths. However the number of those who did not die of CHD did die from cancer or other serious illness. Animal studies indicate statins increase deaths from cancer and other diseases.

In more recent studies in a very large number of women "They found that for every 10,000 women being treated with statins, there were only 271 fewer cases of heart disease.

And yet, at the same time, the statin drugs caused 74 cases of liver damage, 23 cases of acute kidney failure, 39 cases of extreme muscle weakness and 307 cases of cataracts."

Cholesterol lowering drugs have been shown to be ineffective in women. They have no beneficial effect on elderly people over 50-60 years of age. Studies have shown that elderly people with the highest cholesterol live longer than those with lower cholesterol numbers.

To see the list of refences and URL's used in this paper click here.

Statins not only affect cholesterol levels but also affect energy production.

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