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Nutritional Diseases and Cancer

Prescription Drugs and Cancer

Cancer is a nutritional disease that has many causes. Prescription drugs, poor diet and/or lifestyle are the main contributors. Some examples are given below.

Artificial female hormones have undesirable side effects. Bio-identical hormones, such as naturally occurring estriol, are cheaper and don't have the side effects. But the USFDA blocked the use of estriol because it would detract from the artificial hormones Premarin and Prempro produced by Wyeth. Some artificial hormones can increase the risk of nutritional diseases including stroke, and can cause birth defects. Long term use can cause heart attack or stroke, and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Environmental Factors

Stomach cancer has been attributed to the frequent ingestion of fermented food. Another source says that fermentation is the ideal way to preserve food, especially raw whole milk. Aflatoxin contamination, produced by a fungus, produces liver cancer, although adult humans have a high tolerance for aflatoxin exposure.

Helicobacter pylori infection should be treated as soon as discovered. If not treated early, the disease can cause cancer later. Although H. pylori infection usually doesn't cause problems in childhood, if left untreated it can cause gastritis (the irritation and inflammation of the lining of the stomach), peptic ulcer disease, and even stomach cancer later in life.

Certain intestinal bacteria can increase the risk of colon cancer. However the presence of lactic acid bacteria in the gut can keep pathogenic bacteria in check.

I have seen no discussion of the role of lactic acid bacteria from the pharmaceutical drug perspective.

John Yudkin M.D. Ph.D. wrote a book entitled Sweet and Dangerous. The first and second editions were published in April and June 1972. The final edition was published in October 1979. The reason for writing the book was to make the public aware of the increasing knowledge about the dangers of sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Sugar causes the nutritional diseases of obesity, and diabetes, which leads to cardiovascular disease. Sugar can also cause severe indigestion, and cancer.

Nothing has been said about this earlier research. Sugar is not mentioned by many in main stream medicine. Continued general use of large amounts of sugar, up to 100 to 120 pounds per year per individual, will ultimately provide plenty of sources in need of a lifetime use of pharmaceutical drugs, which seems to be the aim of the pharmaceutical drug industry.

Tamoxifen, hailed as a cancer treatment for women with cancer, can cause cancer. URL http://www.all-natural.com/tamox.html

Another very informative URL is at http://www.innerself.com/Health/tamoxifen.htm

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