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Remarkable Changes Because of Superior Nutrition

Nutrition and Dental Clinics 2

Survey of Group of Seventeen Young People

Seventeen young people, between the ages of 12 and 20 years of age presented with a total of 237 open cavities. Each student had 28 teeth or a total of 476 teeth. This meant 49.7% of their teeth had active caries assuming one cavity per tooth.

Many had been receiving frequent dental care, twice a year or more. This probably meant the cavities had developed in less than a year.

The young people were placed on the enhanced program in which they were followed and treated in the winter and spring months for 3 years.

During that time only 2 new cavities had developed. According to Dr. Price 250 times more cavities developed before starting the enhanced dental nutrition program than in the 3 subsequent years.

Efficacy of Dental Program in Individuals

A student identified as H.F. did not have a single cavity for the 15 months while taking additional vitamins and high mineral foods.

In the following year, while not on the special nutrition program she developed 10 new cavities.

In the two years prior to enrolling in the special program A.W. had 32 new cavities. She continued the program for 3 years during the winter and spring months, and did not develop any new cavities in that 3 year period.

J. H. came with 38 cavities. He also had heart symptoms which curtailed his activities. He complained of tiredness. In the time he was on the enhanced nutritional program in the winter and spring months, he had no new cavities.

His energy increased and he was been able to carry on his college studies and a heavy work load. He no longer complained of heart symptoms. Six hours of sleep did more for him than 10 hours he needed before he began the nutritional program.

S.K. came to the program with “rampant tooth decay with pulps nearly exposed in all first permanent molars”. The remaining juvenile teeth were only shells of the originals. She was on the special mineral activator supplement for 18 months. During that time her tooth decay was arrested.

She discontinued the special oil (combination of high vitamin butter oil and cod liver oil) for 17 months. She had a prescription from a physician for viosterol, (a manufactured vitamin, D2) for the prevention of tooth decay during that time.

When she returned she had 14 new cavities, and was placed on the nutrition program again. For the next 7 months dental caries was under control.

The proponents of saturated fat and cholesterol as the cause of heart disease don't refer to the careful studies of Weston A. Price DDS. This is one of the many references ignored by the these scientists.

If you have read the pages on this website, you have read the above statement many times. If you still doubt how we could be deceived about our nutritional paths, get these books, go to the scientific literature. Although this would be a formidable chore.

If you want the nutrition these marvelous bodies are capable of, we will have to take action. Suggestions will be made as this site continues to develop.

The data presented above came from Dr. Price book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

For more information about the differences between raw and pasteurized milk click here.

Click here for information about the Real Milk Campaign, and where to get raw milk in your state. A new window will open.

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