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Monosodium Glutamate

Toxicity of Monosodium Glutamate

This series of pages is a difficult one to write. The information about free glutamic acid and other excitotoxins is very interesting, but includes a lot of scientific detail. One source is a book entitled EXCITOTOXINS The Taste that Kills by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., a neurosurgeon. It is documented by almost 500 references in the scientific literature. He claims to have picked up on this subject from John W. Olney M.D., also a neurosurgeon, whom he quoted as follows.

“Thus, today we are witnessing an ironic situation; while knowledgeable neuroscientists are fervently attempting to develop methods for protecting CNS [brain] neurons against neurotoxic potential of endogenous (within the body) Glu [glutamate] and Asp [aspartate], other elements of society are vigorously promoting the unlimited use of exogenous (free) Glu and Asp as food additives.”

The fascination with these food additives is that these substances are taste enhancers. As taste enhancers they are used in large concentrations and are toxic to the brain.

In the brain the amino acid glutamate is a neurotransmitter and is present in controlled low concentrations. When found in proteins with other amino acids they are bound and not free.

It has been shown that these free amino acid taste enhancers, can produce significant damage to the brain. The other side is that food processors and restaurants are using these taste enhancers in huge amounts. The result is a multi-million dollar industry that seems dedicated to our ill health and destruction.

Dr. Blalock’s book was copyrighted in 1997. Although the volume of research, and literature, is overwhelming to followers of this debate, there is little evidence that the industry producing these toxins is being reigned in at all. Consumers are still being taken in to the delight, I guess, of the industry and their supporters, and their profits.

Consumers may not realize that many medical researchers are strongly opposed to efforts of the excitotoxin producing industry.

Another source of information on the dangers of excitotoxins, free Glutamate, Aspartate, and others, is the supporters of www.truthinlableing.org. This website was begun by a couple, one of whom, is allergic to MSG. Their deep involvement led to the discovery of the government’s support of the excitotoxin industry. The government has seemed to work hand-in-glove with heavy handed and underhanded efforts by the excitotoxin producing industry to discredit research showing the damage free Glutamate and Aspartate, and other excitotoxins, can do to the brain. The government has also been instrumental in helping the industry hide from the public, including those who have serious reactions to excitotoxins, the presence of these substances in food.

Excitotoxins (Taste Enhancers) in Many Different Foods

One example is that of cottage cheese. I had been eating quite a bit, and the taste made me wonder if it did in fact have some form of excitotoxin(s) in it. I didn’t know what carrageenan was, or guar gum, or locust bean gum, other than questionable chemicals which shouldn’t be in stuff intended for food. And why would there have to be enzymes added?

I found out that carrageenan does contain free Glutamic and Aspartic acids. And I realized these added enzymes are proteolytic enzymes, that is, they break down any proteins present into amino acids. And of course the breakdown products will include the salts of free Glutamic acid, free Aspartic acid, and other excitotoxic amino acids. The older the product the greater the amount of offending taste enhancers, or excitotoxin substances in the product.

Cheeses made from clean raw whole milk obtained from pasture fed cattle don’t need all these chemicals and the health damaging excitotoxins. And these natural whole products contribute to your health, rather than lead to your demise.

My father died with dementia, and maybe of, dementia. According to Dr. Blaylock, I need to avoid all excitotoxic substances possible.
To follow the beginnings of MSG production and the debate of free vs bound amino acids click here.
To see the Blaylock website click here. A new window will open.
To visit the truthinlabeling website, click here. A new window will open.

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