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The Power of Good Nutrition

Raw Milk Cure

J. R. Crewe, MD, published an article in Certified Milk Magazine, January 1929, describing a milk treatment for a number of unrelated diseases. Dr. Ron Schmid, ND, of Middlebury, CT was credited for finding this article. This article was subsequently obtained from the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Dr. Crewe was one of the founders of the Mayo Foundation, a forerunner of today’s Mayo Clinic.

The milk cure he described featured the only kind of milk available in those days, raw whole milk, rich in butterfat, from pasture fed cows.

A modern testimony of the benefits of raw whole milk from URLhttp://www.modern-diets-and-nutritional-diseases.com/colitis-ibs-and-crohns-disease-part-1.html is quoted here.

Note that pasteurized homogenized milk caused the symptoms of IBS. These symptoms disappeared when raw milk was consumed, or when this person stopped drinking pasteurized homogenized milk.

Raw Milk Stopped IBS Symptoms

Patrick Roberson

Just a short history into problems that I have had. I have been on a farm all of my life. Daddy had a dairy farm until I was about seven and we kept a milk cow well into my high school years. The entire family was tall and slim.

After graduating high school, the milk cows were not an essential part of life as a gallon of milk at the store was cheap. Everybody started adding the pounds. Even Daddy being six two at a hundred and eighty pounds into his sixties started gaining weight.

Now twenty five years later, none of us are under weight and every one could stand to loose twenty-five to fifty pounds. Of course I attributed it to having little exercise sitting around and not working hard every day. Then came the abdominal pain, bloating, cramping and frequent diarrhea. This could be helped by taking about every product known to man that was easily obtained. TUMS, PRILOSEC and others that are easily obtained without a prescription over the years.

Last spring, I saw an add for a Jersey milk cow, having the money to buy her, I did. The taste of fresh milk was something that I had forgotten how good it is. Of course it took my kids and wife a few weeks to get use to the great taste! Within a few weeks I notice that I wasn't having to hit the old medicine bottle as much and then a month later none at all.

After turning the cow dry, I bought a gallon of milk. Within a few days symptoms were back! Stopped drinking store brought milk and back to normal in a couple days. Then I thought that a glass a week wouldn't hurt, but it does. One glass takes about four days to correct the problems.

Another thing I noticed, remember those extra pounds that were mentioned. I lost about fifteen pounds with the only changes made were walking to and from the barn twice a day and milking the cow. This was about a hundred yards in each direction. Daddy now 84 is down from about 240 to 210! He still gardens and rides a four wheeler around the farm and his lungs are getting better to where even his doctors have taken notice of the improvements.

A clean healthy cow, seems to be the key to better health. I guess I will either have to buy another cow or wait for a new calf to be able to drink plenty of milk again.

Spelling errors corrected 9-28-09. http://www.modern-diets-and-nutritional-diseases.com

Raw Milk Stopped IBS Symptoms

When cows are raised on a well maintained rapidly growing grass pasture, vitamins and minerals are in high concentration in the milk.

Using this milk as a source of raw butter, raw cheese, or other raw dairy products, gives the one who consumes the dairy products, vitamins and minerals not available in today’s pasteurized homogenized dairy varieties.

Fifteen Years of Success

Dr Crewe used the milk cure for 15 years with a variety of illnesses. The last 10 years he had a small sanitarium. His patients were wild about it because it worked. It required no drugs or other “modern” medical intervention.

Unfortunately his fellow medical practitioners were not very enthusiastic about the treatment. Many physicians were agreed on the fitness of dairy products as food, but were not interested as a sole means of treatment.

The milk treatment was described as a “combination of detoxifying fast and nutrient dense feeding.”

Various Diseases Successfully Treated

Diseases that have no similarity improved rapidly with the milk treatment. Patients were put at rest in bed, and given small quantities of milk at half hour intervals, initially 3-4 quarts a day.

This was gradually increased to 5-10 quarts a day. Many times drugs were withdrawn. Standard medical texts of the day recommended large quantities of milk.

Striking results were seen in tuberculosis, diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular and renal conditions.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) responded well to the milk treatment, and in cases of edema in cardiac failure and renal conditions excess fluid was readily lost.

Illness and Nutritional Disease

Clean raw whole milk from pasture fed animals contain an excess of vitamins and all the elements necessary for growth and maintenance.

When sick people were limited to a diet containing these elements which are available in raw whole milk they recovered rapidly without the use of drugs and without bringing to bear all the complicated weapons of modern science, reported Dr. Crewe.

Anemia and pernicious anemia responded well to milk treatment, reduction in size of simple and toxic thyroid, with improvement of the symptoms of the toxic thyroid.

Prostate diseases responded well to the milk diet, including reduction of the size of the prostate gland, and lessening of obstruction to urinary flow.

A case of psoriasis in a boy was described as the worst case a physician had seen. The boy was covered with scales from head to foot.

The boy was given the milk treatment, and in less than a month his skin was smooth as a baby. Tuberculosis was also successfully treated in a number of cases.

One 74 year old, with apparent heart failure symptoms, on digitalis, and prostate obstruction that required a catheter, began the milk treatment. Digitalis was withdrawn, and the foul urine was improved. He was able to return to work after treatment, and at 77 years was still enjoying good health.

Another man had a severe chronic winter cough, and prostate disease, requiring getting up frequently at night. Six years after completing the milk cure, he reported no more disease conditions.

One patient with severe cardiac disease, nephritis, and severe edema lost over 30 lbs of fluid in 6 weeks on the milk treatment. The large amount of fluid with the milk treatment did not make the edema worse, but instead facilitated the loss of excess fluid. The loss of excess fluid had been repeated many times in these types of patients.

Dr. Crewe's Conclusion

Dr. Crewe, as a result of his experience, became convinced that much of modern disease is due to an increasing departure from the simple preparation of plain nutrient rich foods.

The benefits of clean raw whole milk can be yours. Click here to find out where to obtain it. A new window will open.

Interest in raw milk changed drastically as agribusiness support for dairy programs increased.

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