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Immunity To Nutritional Diseases Provided by Local Diet

Immunity to Nutritional Diseases

Primitive peoples had an immunity to many diseases that plaque us today. Their diet, which largely came from sea or land animals ensured that they were vigorous and long-lived.

But health began to fail in the first generation that succumbed to the white mans foods of commerce.

“Isolated Irish fishermen, tribal Africans such as the Masai, pacific islanders such as the Melanesians and the Polynesians, Eskimos, North and South American Indians and Australian Aborigines.” All followed the same trends.

The first evidence of health degeneration and loss of immunity to nutritional diseases was a dramatic increase in dental caries.

This was noted by Weston A. Price, DDS, in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. In addition there were bone deformations in the first generation children which resulted in crowded teeth.

If Dr. Price were living today I’m sure he would expect dental caries would be included in the list of diseases related to diet. It was his opinion that dental disease was an indicator of serious metabolic deficiencies within the body.

Tuberculosis and Cancer

A second evidence of loss of immunity and health degeneration, noted especially among the Indians and Eskimos of Northern Canada and Alaska, was tuberculosis, which was often fatal. This disease was not found in peoples eating their local foods.

A surgeon well thought of by many in Alaska shared his observations with Dr. Price. He had been with the Indians in Alaska for 36 years. He had observed Indians living on their native diets, and with Indians who were completely modernized.

He had never seen a case of cancer among Indians who lived on their local foods. Apparently they retained their immunity only because of their diet. Malignancy was quite common among Indians who ate the foods supplied by the white man.

The diseases that plaque us today are the same ones developed by primitive peoples when they traded their native diets for the white mans foods of commerce.

And the white mans foods of commerce are basically the same as they were 75 to 100 years ago except we have many more choices.

But, you say, this is not what we hear every day.

Reasons For Diversity of Views

I’m not surprised. For at least three reasons. We have been brain-washed. TV ads proclaiming the ‘two sources of cholesterol’, which is not credible in human beings. Or ‘without the saturated fat and cholesterol’, that supposedly cause heart disease, which has never been proved as noted in the scientific literature.

There have been pervasive educational efforts to persuade the public that vegetable oils are healthful, and that saturated fats and cholesterol are not. These efforts have been very successful, but also are deceiving.

And the media never seems to report that there are differences of opinion among scientists, because of the huge advertising dollars given to the media.

The last is the dizzying array of nutritional ‘answers’ to our increasing health problems. Like we need to trick our bodies. So many schemes proclaiming this is the way to achieve health and wholeness. About like get rich quick schemes on the internet.

Problem is, as a nation we are getting sicker. The loss of immunity to heart disease, cancer and other nutritional diseases is well entrenched. The incidence of these diseases is increasing year by year as explained in The Modern Nutritional Diseases.by Fred and Alice Ottoboni, retired Public Health Service researchers.

Research Ignored

There is a body of research that is largely ignored. This includes Dr. Price’ book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Also ignored is the importance of cholesterol in the human body, and the research that says cholesterol and heart disease cannot have a causal relationship.

We will refer to these and other sources of information for your consideration.

Native foods provided isolated primitive peoples with superior health and longevity.

For another outlook on nutrition visit cell to cell health which is your wellness resource hub page. A new window will open.

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