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Immune System Stimulated By Ascorbic Acid

The Immune System Stimulated by High Ascorbic Acid Levels

Large amounts of ascorbic acid, and low blood glucose levels, are needed to ramp up the immune system when disease strikes. Research by physicians reported in 1981 indicated that 30 to 200 grams of ascorbic acid in a 24 hour period may be needed to target certain diseases. Complete cure of polio was achieved in 3-5 days using 1-2 grams of ascorbic acid injected IV every 4-8 hours until symptoms were abated.

Low blood glucose levels support the uptake of ascorbic acid by white blood cells (wbcs) which then causes the proliferation of wbcs, which "eat" disease producing organisms. Wbcs also make the poisons they use to kill invading bacteria or viruses.

Refined carbohydrates (sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup) can cause high blood glucose levels. High blood glucose levels interfere with the stimulation of the immune system.

When blood glucose levels are high little ascorbic acid is pumped into wbcs and they do not fight diseases effectively, because insulin preferentially acts on glucose.

When blood glucose levels are low, which is true in undernourished patients, many tumors do not grow well because they are voracious glucose scavengers. Tumor cells have an increased requirement for glucose over normal cells.

With low blood glucose levels tumors are more susceptible to anti-cancer drugs. I wonder why oncologists don't recommend patients lower or stop their use of refined carbohydrates and other blood glucose elevating foodstuffs during chemotherapeutic treatment?

"Treatment of Choice" by mainstream medicine bypasses the use of unprofitable essential nutrients ascorbic acid and coenzyme Q10 without which many patients cannot survive their illnesses.

These choices abound in many medical specialties including cardiology, oncology, and immunology, as reviewed by the University of Washington School of Medicine personnel in 1930's to 1970's and beyond to 2002.

Recent research showing the effect of ascorbic acid on certain cancer cells is reviewed below the next section.

The intervening section is to introduce you to our health and nutritional diseases forums, which may help answer some questions.

Ascorbic Acid Is Toxic To Cancer Cells resumes with the remaining part of this page.

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What Others Have Suggested

Sugar and Cancer What is the connection between sugar and cancer? Cancer cells are deranged in their ability to obtain energy compared to normal cells. A cancer cell has to have enormous amounts of sugar to produce the energy it needs. If you can starve a cancer cell of its need for sugar it will be killed much easier than a normal cell or tissue.

Ascorbic Acid Is Toxic To Cancer Cells

Molecular Cancer 2007, 6:55

A recent study showed that sodium ascorbate causes toxicity to cancer cells at concentrations that do not affect normal cells. This allows the nutrient to act as a chemotherapeutic agent that is non-toxic to normal cells.

This study demonstrated that sodium ascorbate was highly toxic to neuroblastoma cell lines. The specific mechanism of vitamin C induced cancer cell death involved the use of iron by the tumor cell lines studied.

They noted that sodium ascorbate is relatively tumor specific, non toxic and inexpensive, in contrast to many chemotherapeutic agents in use.

This work, together with others, supported the use of ascorbic acid as an anticancer agent. The authors suggested the use of high dose intravenous ascorbic acid in controlled studies. These suggestions have been made by many clinicians down through the years, but these suggestions have been ignored by mainstream medicine.

The paper may be read at this URL. http://www.molecular-cancer.com/content/6/1/55 Click the text link below. It will be easier to come back here if you wish.

Click here for details about sodiun ascorbate toxicity to certain cancer cells.

The immune system is stimulated by low blood glucoose and high ascorbic acid levels.

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