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Arguments for Cholesterol and Saturated Fat as the Cause of Heart Disease

Advertising Assumptions

The arguments for cholesterol and saturated fat as the cause of heart disease have survived for years. We are bombarded with advertisements that scream relentlessly about:

• the two sources of cholesterol,
• without the cholesterol and saturated fat, and
• shouldn’t we be doing more with Lipitor.

All this advertising has been said for so long we assume it is true. Actually much of it is built on smoke and deception.

There’s a war going on in the scientific literature. But we would never be able to understand this.

The scientific literature is unavailable to most of us. Even if it were available many may not follow the scientific jargon. As in any profession biological and medical professionals have a language of their own. And often we don’t know where we can access scientific literature.

Even with access to a complete medical library there would still be an almost insurmountable hurdle of following the huge amount of literature in this very important area.

And finally the media will not relay information on the differing sides of the cause of heart disease and the other modern nutritional diseases.

The media just get too many advertising dollars from the industries that want to control our food sources and what we know about our health problems.

Web Site Information

A number of web sites proclaim that visitors have come to the right place. They will review, in a non-technical way, some of what we should know about nutrition and other aspects of our health.

Some do have some good information, and go into detail about aspects of these amazing human bodies.

Many have read and accepted the positions of organizations such as the American Heart Association (AHA), the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute(NHLBI), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA),and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

All of these organizations, including our federal government, have taken a stand on the major positions provided by industrial giants.

These positions are not in our best interests.

If enough Americans understood the issues involved I think some of these huge industries might shrink a bunch.

Information Resources

So far I have relied on books by those who indicate a grasp of the details of the scientific literature.

The main resource for this series is ,The Cholesterol Myths Exposing The Fallacy That Saturated Fat And Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease, by Uffe Ravnskov M.D.,Ph.D. Dr. Ravnskov is a practicing physician who maintains close ties with research.

Fred and Alice Ottoboni, both earned the Ph.D., and are now retired from the Public Health Service. They have contributed with their book The Modern Nutritional Diseases.

This has been a difficult series to write. It is my hope to make plain some of the technical aspects of the debate on the cause of the modern nutritional diseases.

If this series presents some difficulties I would urge you to take one page at a time, then come back later for another page.

Understanding this series will help us realize the difficulties surrounding the claims that cholesterol and saturated fat are the cause of heart disease.

And this understanding may be helpful in our beginning to enjoy the health these marvelous bodies were meant to experience.

The cause of heart disease is not from cholesterol and saurated fat in the diet.

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