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Ascorbic Acid Essential for Life. Few realize ascorbic acid or vitamin C has uses for more than just to prevent death from scurvy. Why don't we hear more about the importance of vitamin C?

Cancer Are the ads on TV about fighting cancer real? In real life so many people are dying from cancer. In earlier research it was discovered that there is one primary cause of cancer, and multiple secondary causes because of the many tissue types that can become cancerous

Saturated Fat and Nutritional Disease Every one knows trans fat is bad, but it is still widely used. Many sites group trans fat with saturated fat, and the difference is blurred. Saturated fat from animal protein has been shown to protect against death from heart disease.

The symptoms of colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and Crohn's Part 1Treatment of Colitis IBS and Crohn's Disease are becoming widespread. Many are able to control the symptoms with over the counter medication which may cause the symptoms to become worse. A longstanding successful treatment plan by Dr. David Dahlman is presented in part 1,2,and 3.

Coenzyme Q10 , is listed in the PDR (Physicians Deak Reference) as an essential nutrient. It has been effective against cancer, heart disease and several other diseases. And yet it has been ignored by mainstream medicine. Why?

"profit driven exploitation of captive ignorant customers" What does this refer to? The phrase comes from the journal reference SciEssNutr To what does it refer?

Fred and Alice Ottoboni point out, in their book, research that shows ingested cholesterol, up to 850g per day, has no effect on blood cholesterol. Why is dietary cholesterol still being blamed for heart disease, and erectile dysfunction, as seen on TV.

Saturated-fat, (from animal fat) actually protects against death from cardiovascular disease. Malcolm Kendrick M.D. obtained this data from the large MONICA study,(MONItor trends in CArdiovascular disease).

Isolated Peoples such as Eskimos, Swiss mountain peoples, Dairy and Nutritional Excellence and African-Tribes cattle herders can teach us much about diets that will give us superior health.

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