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Which Would You Rather Have? Insurance, or Immunity to Disease.

Tooth Decay and Nutritional Diseases

“……..millions of Americans have little or no dental care.’ So says a September 2006 AARP Bulletin article. It goes on to say that “Older Americans are still disproportionately affected because retirees no longer have dental insurance provided by employers….”

As a result some older Americans have a severe problem with tooth decay.

It’s no wonder older Americans are affected the most. And not necessarily because of the lack of insurance.

We have been encouraged the longest period of time to eat lots of carbohydrates, including highly refined varieties such as brown and white sugar, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup.

Included in our available carbohydrates are substances which are readily turned into sugar in the body and include a multitude of sugary foods, white flour products and white rice.

Other pages in this site inform us that sugar is the food that raises blood glucose levels the most. High blood glucose levels can raise blood cholesterol levels, and lead to fat deposition, when energy stores are satisfied.

We have been urged to substitute vegetable oils for animal fat, and restrict animal protein to low fat varieties.

Lessons from the Past

We recently learned from the interior African tribes in the 1930s that those who drank the milk of their cattle and ate animal protein as a part of their diet:
• had the lowest percentage of decayed teeth. They also
• ingested the highest level of protein,
• ate the highest level of animal fat,
• ate the most cholesterol,
• and had the lowest level of carbohydrate in their diet.

And these people had no heart disease, and much lower cholesterol levels than modern peoples such as those in the USA.

These statements are also true of those who had access to fish as their source of protein.

And African tribes that relied on cereals and fruits had correspondingly higher carbohydrate levels, and considerably higher percentage of decayed teeth.

Those tribes that relied on milk and meat had few cavities and high resistance to many diseases.

Isn’t that interesting? Well it is to me anyway.

I know I would far rather have immunity to dental caries and other nutritional diseases provided by an adequate diet than insurance and poor health.

Oral Health and Other Diseases

The article also explores the connection between “poor oral health” and “serious medical problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

In Dr. Price’ book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he states his belief that dental disease indicates serious metabolic disturbances within the body.

And his book was written over 65 years ago.

Other pages in this series will consider nutritional aspects that can lower or prevent tooth decay, and have a preventive effect on other physical problems as well.
Nutrition clinics in schools controlled dental caries.

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