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Superior Nutrition From Raw Dairy Products

Dairy Farmers of Loetschental Valley in Swiss Alps

Located one mile above sea level, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is Loetschental Valley, which is home for about 2,000 people, who for hundreds of years have had superior health with dairy products as their main food.

Snow capped mountains nearly surround the valley, making it difficult to get to, easy to defend, and with a river running through the valley.

There were no physicians, no dentists, no police, no jails, no asylums, and no need for any of these. There was one central church for valley members. There was also a good educational program for the children.

Most families had goats, cows and sheep. The sheep provided wool for clothing. Goats and cows provided dairy products, milk, butter and cheese.

Dental Health

Weston A.Price, DDS, author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, in a planned visit in 1931, examined teeth in the valley inhabitants; all children 7 -17 years, had straight teeth. Only one tooth in 3 children on average ever showed evidence of decay.

Saliva samples, stabilized by the addition of formalin, were also collected. These samples of saliva, plus analysis of food samples shipped to him in the States, would help him develop his theory of immunity to dental caries.

In some young adults there was evidence of tooth decay for a time which suddenly stopped. These were adults who left the valley and then came back.

The teeth of those who came back to the valley showed evidence of re-mineralization. This happened because the superior nutrition of raw dairy products of the valley became their dietary staple again.

Dr. Price hoped to retest the teeth of the valley inhabitants as nutrition changed through the years. By 1932 a bakery was in the valley selling white bread products.

Other Diseases

Switzerland had an epidemic of tuberculosis with more people dying from tuberculosis than any other disease. Health officials that visited the valley found no evidence of the disease.

Dr. Price’s study of the death certificates of valley inhabitants showed that nobody in the valley had ever died of tuberculosis.

In dairy product samples shipped from the valley back to him, his analysis showed far higher amounts of minerals and fat soluble vitamins, A and D and others, than found in American, European, or lower elevation Swiss-made commercial dairy products.

Grazing and Growing Grounds

Cattle grazed in spring where the snows were melting and the grass was growing rapidly. Milk from these cows and the butter and cheese made it from were special in providing the nutrition they needed.

The butter was held in the same esteem that organ meats, fish eggs, and cod’s liver, held in other cultures.

The lower valley grew grass and rye for hay, and for the production of rye flour for the people. Gardens produced green crops. Hay proved to be far above the average in quality for pasturage and storage for hay.

Bread was baked in community ovens as needed for each family. This whole rye bread was much richer nutritionally than white flour products.

The people killed an animal and ate meat once a week. The bones and organs were used to make mineral rich soups.

Loetschental Philosophy

People had a wonderful relationship in living and working together. “All for one and one for all” was their philosophy.

Dr. Price wondered if adequate nutrition produced a higher type of “manhood” in which material values of life are secondary to individual characteristics.

There was evidence for this state of mind in all peoples he visited who had superior nutrition compared to what is found in America.

Modernized Foods and Its Effects

Dr. Price also visited areas that were not isolated and the diet was modernized and included sugary foods and white flour products.

These foods contained much less in the way of minerals, vitamins and fat soluble activators than was found in the raw dairy products and rye bread staples of isolated peoples.

In the children who ate sugary foods and white flour products dental caries was rampant. In addition to dental caries tuberculosis was devastating in those areas.

The children of those parents who ate the foods of commerce had narrowed dental arches and misplaced teeth. Dr. Price included photographs of children’s mouths that ate only the local nutrition or the sugary and white flour foods of commerce.

Dr. Price found this grim scenario wherever he went around the world studying nutrition and dental health.

The Great Deception

In conclusion I quote from Ron Schmid, author of The Untold Story of Milk.

“Homogenized pasteurized milk from confinement animals, and butter, cheeses, and yogurts made from such milk, may look the same and carry the same name, but the inference that they are the same as milk products from the Loetschental Valley is part of the insidious deception that has been perpetrated on (us) the consumers of industrialized food.”
Raw dairy products have provided superior nutrition for thousands of years. Sugary and high carbohydrate diets have been disastrous. Continue with research that reveals why.

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