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Is There A Controversy?

Education and Experience

I was unaware of a serious controversy in the scientific literature concerning the causes of heart disease, cancer, obesity, adult onset diabetes, and stroke while I was a graduate student in the biochemical sciences.

I was aware of the cholesterol-saturated fat argument. I followed the main line of thought and for years pursued a low fat diet. But I didn't know the conclusions of Ancel Keys and his fellow researchers were challenged by many other scientists in the scientific literature.

I had access to the scientific literature. Yet I didn’t know there were honest differences in research protocol and the causes of the modern nutritional diseases of obesity, adult onset diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Certainly main stream Americans would have no way of knowing about the controversy.

Scientific literature is just unavailable from the stand point of cost, a tremendous investment in time, and understanding the jargon of scientific literature.

I have never heard the media present both sides of the diet-heart controversy. Could it be because the food processing and pharmaceutical drug industries give the media an unending supply of advertising dollars?

I believe the love of money and power has driven this country in a very unfortunate nutritional path that has led to increasing disease and ill health. It has almost destroyed the family farm, and has given us inferior products that contribute to our ill health.

This controversy has been effectively silenced in mainstream America by the bombardment of advertising carrying only the message of the drug companies and food manufacturing companies.

An Unusual Prescription

On a routine follow up visit to an East Texas cardiologist, Peter Langsjoen, M.D. gave me a “prescription” for 3 books. One was Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon with Mary Enig Ph.D. Dr Enig is a nutritional biochemist whose lifetime research is in the field of food fats and oils. Sally Fallon has had extensive experience in traditional ways of cooking. She has produced an impressive array of recipes based on traditional foods.

In addition the book is a marvelous compendium of resources from the scientific literature that indicate the wisdom of traditional foods.

A second book was by Fred and Alice Ottoboni titled The Modern Nutritional Diseases. The Ottobonis are retired Public Health Scientists. Both earned the Ph.D.

The last book was The Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskoff, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Ravnskoff is a practicing physician and researcher.

It didn’t take long in reading these and other resources such as The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid to realize I was one of the many that had been duped into following a faulty diet for years. I finally realized the controversy between traditional ways of food and nutrition and modern sources of food manufacturing.

Sources like those above are ignored by the pharmaceutical drug industry and the food processing industries.

Thanks to Dr. Langsjoen I learned the dangers of the statin drugs. I was amazed at the logic of some of the physicians I once utilized who were reputed as being very knowledgeable in cardiology.

I decided I would far rather have the health of isolated tribes who had cleaved to their local diets, rather than the commercial sugary diets of the white man, that could make me a candidate for questionable prescription drugs which might do me more harm than good.

Contrast of Natural Enzyme Substrates and Prescription Drugs

Enzymology is a study of enzymes and their natural substrates (the compounds in the body the enzymes work on). Enzymes do the work of digestion of foodstuffs, and other enzymes then use the digested foodstuffs to make the unique cells, tissues, and organs of the human body.

I became aware of the structure of some prescription drugs from the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR). No wonder there is little specificity of drugs because their structures bear little resemblance to the natural substrates of enzymes. Every drug seems to have a number of unwanted side reactions that in some cases may be worse than the untreated condition.

I learned of the body’s ability to heal itself, or to resist infection, if given the nutrients it needs. This is becoming more difficult with corruption of our food supply by the food processing industry, and its control over food production.

Accumulated resources showed me the reasoning behind the vilification of animal fats and other natural foods. I was appalled at the scientific errors that filled the arguments of the proponents of the saturated fat-cholesterol cause of heart disease.

“People are waking up to the fact - - - the real issue of raw milk (and other natural foods) has nothing to do with protecting the public and everything to do with protecting those who control the food supply.” Page 362, The Untold Story of Milk.

Testimony of Isolated Peoples

Because of the world wide studies of Weston A. Price, D.D.S., we have a record of the extraordinary health of isolated peoples on their local diets. His studies took place in the early and mid 1930’s, and his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, was first published in 1939.

The health of all isolated peoples, including Eskimos, Indians, African tribes, Pacific Islanders, and others, deteriorated rapidly on adopting the white mans sugary foods of commerce. The same sugary foods and unhealthy vegetable oils that contributed to many peoples demise in health in the 1920’s and 30’s, fill our food store shelves today.

My Goals

My desire is to become as independent as possible in providing healthy food choices. One of these is to provide for me, and my family, raw whole milk, butter and cheese from pasture fed animals, which cannot be provided by containment animal practices which dominate the dairy industry today. I wish to gain a supply of meat free from the scourges of containment animal practices.

If this web site convinces others of the same principles I have discovered and embraced, then I hope to encourage banding together to convince state officials of the need to share healthy foods on a local basis.
Review the story of Ancel Keys and the reasons his conclusions became a controversy, and were challenged. A new window will open.

Learn where raw whole milk can be obtained in your area in the US. A new window will open.

Examine the health of isolated peoples on their local diets. A new window will open.

The Home Page defines the nutritional diseases. It also explains the controversy of todays milk supply from confinement dairies.

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