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The Cause of Colitis, IBS, and Crohns Disease Part 1 of 3

Dr Dahlman’s treatments of Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and Crohn’s Disease are of interest because there is agreement with other nutritional positions that give superior health and are found in the scientific literature.

It is quite possible that some symptoms may be present in “normal” people who have problems with heartburn and difficult bowel movements. While it may be possible to manage these problems with over the counter medications, these symptoms may indicate the beginnings of the disorders indicated above.

A set of symptoms that can be relieved by making different life-style choices doesn’t qualify as a disease according to some.

This has been said about Obesity and Adult Onset Diabetes. These symptoms can be alleviated by making certain lifestyle changes.

Colitis, IBS, and Crohn’s Disease are considered a lifestyle choice by Dr. Dahlman. And our body is trying to tell us something about our choices.

Where do the symptoms of Colitis, IBS, and Crohn's come from? The answer to this question is very important in developing the rationale for the treatment of this widespread problem following the next section. We invite you to continue this important discussion after you have dealt with the intervening section.

The following section is included to introduce you to our health and nutritional diseases forums. These free forums are intended to help all of us find answers to our health problems today.

To resume the page discussion after the intervening discussion click on "Searching For The Cause of a Chronic Condition" to resume the page discussion after the intervening section.

Searching For The Cause of a Chronic Condition

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With numerous forum topics available you can join in with your questions or comments on nearly anything related to health and nutritional diseases.

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Just a short history into problems that I have had. I have been on a farm all of my life. Daddy had a dairy farm until I was about seven and we kept a ...

The Origin of Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and Crohn’s

Searching for the cause of a chronic condition is a different mindset than masking a condition with prescription drugs or self-medication. There is a question that must be answered.

What is interfering with the body’s ability to express itself in a healthy fashion?

The reason for the discomfort of Colitis, IBS, and Crohn’s is the inability to timely digest ingested foods. This results in diarrhea, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain.

The loss of normal bacteria and resultant changes in the chemistry of the digestive tract is the heart of the problem. When proper bacteria are re-established in the colon then the proper chemistry will be evident as the colon heals itself. It takes time and the right materials to re-establish normal metabolic reactions.

The population of beneficial bacteria in humans is lost because antibiotic use destroys the proper bacteria in the human intestinal tract. Antibiotic use in lactating animals, common in today's dairy industry, kills the beneficial bacteria in the milk which is, or was, the normal source of the friendly useful bacteria for the human colon.

Clean raw whole milk from pasture fed animals used to be the source of the friendly useful bacteria.

When present the beneficial bacteria control the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and yeasts in the human colon. More details are given at URL http://www.modern-diets-and-nutritional-diseases.com/raw-milk.html Clicking on the link below the page will make it easier to return here if you wish.

Milk Allergies Come From Pasteurized Milk Obtained From Sick Animals Kept in Confinement Dairies.

Part of the treatment to restore the normal chemistry involves identifying foods which have caused allergies. These foods must be deleted from the diet during treatment. There are special blood tests that identify foods that complicate recovery from the disorders.

Milk causes problems in Colitis, IBS, and Crohn’s. And it’s not surprising. Milk from the confinement dairy industry is inherently an unhealthy product. It is filled with high levels of hormones to increase milk production in the dairy animals.

The dairy animals are fed an unnatural diet of high protein soy, high carbohydrate grains, silage, and other materials which have abnormal physiological reactions in the animal’s digestive system.

Infection of the milk with pathogenic bacteria is a result of these practices. Antibiotics are used in efforts to control the nearly constant infection in these animals, and they kill the the useful bacteria normally found in clean raw whole milk.

Because of the high rates of bacterial infection tolerated by the government, the milk has to be pasteurized to be “safe”. The high temperatures of pasteurization result in a lot of dead bacteria, and denatured bacterial and milk proteins. And these dead bacteria and denatured proteins produce the allergies for which today’s milk is responsible.

Allergies In Humans Develop Because Of A Damaged Colon.

The damaged colon, coupled with an inadequate diet, may result in Leaky Gut Syndrome. Undigested materials pass through the intestinal tract wall, into the blood stream, and cause a reaction leading to the production of histamine. Once this happens an additional food allergy has been created.

This milk, produced by most of today’s dairy industry, even though pasteurized, has been responsible for far more illness, including deaths, than clean raw whole milk from pasture fed cattle.

Clean raw whole milk from pasture-fed animals does not produce these allergies or large amounts of pathogenic bacteria. It also naturally contains the friendly bacteria necessary for a healthy colon.

Dr. Dahlman proclaimed we’d be better off if each family had a cow in the backyard and brought milk right to the table. This is in agreement with the Real Milk Campaign of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any natural product, individual results may vary.

Raw Milk Stopped IBS Symptoms

Patrick Roberson

Just a short history into problems that I have had. I have been on a farm all of my life. Daddy had a dairy farm until I was about seven and we kept a milk cow well into my high school years. The entire family was tall and slim.

After graduating high school, the milk cows were not an essential part of life as a gallon of milk at the store was cheap. Everybody started adding the pounds. Even Daddy being six two at a hundred and eighty pounds into his sixties started gaining weight.

Now twenty five years later, none of us are under weight and every one could stand to loose twenty-five to fifty pounds. Of course I attributed it to having little exercise sitting around and not working hard every day. Then came the abdominal pain, bloating, cramping and frequent diarrhea. This could be helped by taking about every product known to man that was easily obtained. TUMS, PRILOSEC and others that are easily obtained without a prescription over the years.

Last spring, I saw an add for a Jersey milk cow, having the money to buy her, I did. The taste of fresh milk was something that I had forgotten how good it is. Of course it took my kids and wife a few weeks to get use to the great taste! Within a few weeks I notice that I wasn't having to hit the old medicine bottle as much and then a month later none at all.

After turning the cow dry, I bought a gallon of milk. Within a few days symptoms were back! Stopped drinking store brought milk and back to normal in a couple days. Then I thought that a glass a week wouldn't hurt, but it does. One glass takes about four days to correct the problems.

Another thing I noticed, remember those extra pounds that were mentioned. I lost about fifteen pounds with the only changes made were walking to and from the barn twice a day and milking the cow. This was about a hundred yards in each direction. Daddy now 84 is down from about 240 to 210! He still gardens and rides a four wheeler around the farm and his lungs are getting better to where even his doctors have taken notice of the improvements.

A clean healthy cow, seems to be the key to better health. I guess I will either have to buy another cow or wait for a new calf to be able to drink plenty of milk again.

Spelling errors corrected 9-28-09. http://www.modern-diets-and-nutritional-diseases.com

Click here to view Dr Dahlman's 32 page report on the treatment of IBD Crohn's and Colitis. A new window will open. Download of the pdf report may take several minutes.

Part 2 Dr. Dahlman's steps required during treatment of Colitis, IBD, and Crohn's.

For more information on Real Milk and where to get raw whole milk from pasture fed cows click here. A new window will open.

To review information on clean raw whole milk versus pasteurized homogenized milk click here. A new window will open.

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