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One Main Cause of Cancer, Many Secondary Causes

One Primary Cause Of Cancer!
But Many Secondary Causes

Cancer has one primary cause. In 1931 a German biochemist showed that cells become cancerous when they lose their ability to use oxygen to make energy aerobically. Tumor cells become at least partially anaerobic, and therefore make their energy without the use of oxygen. Indeed tumors cannot use oxygen to make cellular energy.

Because cancer cells cannot use oxygen to make cellular energy, they lose their ability to do whatever their function was in the body, so they can only grow and spread.

The many secondary causes are because of the large number of tissues and organs in the body. Supposedly any of these tissue cell types can become cancerous. This means that cancers will have different genetic codes. But the question still remains can we also treat cancer cells according to their inability to use oxygen to make energy.

Normal cells make most of their cellular energy with oxygen, and can use glucose, or other sugars, fats, and amino acids to make cellular energy.

Cancer cells can make cellular energy only from glucose. These cells are voracious glucose absorbers.

Big Question. If Cancer Cells Use Only Glucose--?

This is an important question, and will be dealt with below the next section. So scroll down to the remainder of the page after you deal with the intervening section which introduces our health and nutritional disease forums.

Reading the many web sites in the field of nutrition is one of the hardest things. You can find whatever you want. But how do you know what will help your family stay healthy and avoid trips to the doctor or dentist?

Our health and nutritional disease forums are a free service to help answer these questions. You can ask a question or comment on nearly anything related to the area of discussion. Simply click on the links below to our several health and nutritional diseases forums for the topic of interest to you.

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One of the prominent cancer treatment centers offers a variety of treatment options. If I only read their material I would think their expertise sounds great. But they don't talk about ascorbic acid, reducing blood glucose levels during treatment, or vitamin D.

You can find out about these options here and how they help to prevent cancer or enable your body to defeat this disease.

There are examples that illustrate overcoming cancer without the painful side effects of toxic drugs or surgery. Other pages cover some aspects in more detail in the battle against cancer.

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If cancer cells can make cellular energy by using only glucose, doesn't it make sense to limit foods with refined sugars or starches when treating cancer with chemotherapy or radiation? Limiting their glucose supply would make it easier to kill the invading tumors.

Cancer cells are inherently weaker than normal cells because they cannot use oxygen to generate needed energy. Chemotherapy and radiation are used because normal cells are stronger and less able to be killed by these treatments than cancer cells. Normal cells are more likely to survive these draconian procedures.

One other fact of note. High blood glucose levels 'trash' the immune system, making the immune system less able to identify foreign cells such as bacteria, viruses, or cancer.

Low blood glucose levels stimulate the immune system to identify foreign cells, and then kill them. This process is called immune surveillance.

More Reasons to Control Blood Glucose While Treating Cancer.

High blood glucose levels inhibit immune surveillance.

Low blood glucose levels, high levels of ascorbic acid and appropriate exercise stimulate immune surveillance.

Chemotherapy and radiation can damage normal cells ability to utilize oxygen, thereby stimulating normal cells to become cancerous.

Keeping blood glucose levels low would make cancer easier to kill with lower levels of chemo or radiation. This would be desirable since the treatments adverse effect on normal cells would be minimal.

Ascorbic Acid Is Toxic To Cancer Cells
Molecular Cancer 2007, 6:55

A recent study showed that sodium ascorbate is toxic to cancer cells at concentrations that do not affect normal cells. This allows the nutrient to act as a chemotherapeutic agent that is non-toxic to normal cells.

This study demonstrated that sodium ascorbate was highly toxic to neuroblastoma cell lines. The specific mechanism of vitamin C/ascorbic acid induced cancer cell death involved the use of iron by the tumor cell lines studied.

This work, together with others, supported the use of ascorbic acid as an anticancer agent.

The authors suggested the use of high dose intravenous ascorbic acid in controlled studies. They noted that sodium ascorbate is relatively:
tumor specific,
non toxic,
and inexpensive.

This is in contrast to many chemotherapeutic agents in use.

The research was by Italians. The paper, in English, may be read at this URL. See the link below. http://www.molecular-cancer.com/content/6/1/55 Using the link below will enable you to return here if you wish.

Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Aggressive Glycemic Control

In 1988 and 1989 two stage 4 breast cancer patients were on chemotherapy, which had become ineffective. The patients were given 1 month to live. Their tumors had metastasized resulting in a "considerable tumor burden."

They chose to undertake a program of aggressive glycemic control(AGC) which required diets like those of isolated peoples while they were still on their local foods. This involved:

limiting calories and avoiding any refined carbohydrates such as sugar or high fructose corn syrup, white flour or white rice products;

planned exercise to reduce blood glucose into the 75mg%, or as low as possible without stress;

oral ascorbic acid/vitamin C, 40mg/kg (2.6g for 145 lbs) of body weight, 3 times a day.

Within 6 months they were tumor free and had lost 40 & 60 lbs. They were still alive in 1992, 3 years later. See the link to this URL below which will give more details. http://faculty.washington.edu/ely/JOM1.html

Tuberculosis, Cancer and Nutritional Diseases

The Indians and Eskimos of Northern Canada and Alaska on their local foods were free of tooth decay and many other nutritional diseases including tuberculosis and cancer. When they traded their local foods for the white mans foods of commerce they lost their immunity to dental disease and tuberculosis which was often fatal.

A surgeon who lived among the Indians and Eskimos for many years had never seen cancer among those living on their native diets. But cancer was common among those who had chosen the foods of commerce, sugary foodstuffs, and numerous white flour and white rice products.

The foods of commerce that destroyed the health of isolated peoples are the same ones on our store shelves today, only we have many more choices.

Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is Effective Against Nutritional Diseases

CoQ10 has been studied in those afflicted with stroke, cardiovascular problems, and cancer. Two URLs that give abstracts of a number of these studies are http://faculty.washington.edu/ely/turnover.html See the links for these URLs below at the end of the page. http://faculty.washington.edu/ely/coenzq10abs.html

A plea was made for continuing studies in these disease states. Apparently these requests were ignored. Today there is little mention of either CoQ10, or ascorbic acid in mainstream medicine. These substances are essential nutrients necessary for life, but are not patentable.

In the meantime we are offered "treatments of choice" which offer side effects that are sometimes worse than the disease. Many are choosing to avoid these "choices".

To make full use of the data above, the service of knowledgeable health care providers would be helpful, especially with the application of CoQ10 in some situations.

Unfortunately few physicians are knowledgeable about the need of the essential nutrients ascorbic acid and CoQ10. Most will probably advise, maybe even insist, on avoiding these substances because of their supposed toxicity.

Can you imagine nutrients that are essential for life being toxic? But this argument has been used more than once.

Many knowledgeable people are using both ascorbic acid and CoQ10 as part of their nutritional status. Since both have had documented success in many diseases, using supplements of both at the same time may give us health that would be far superior to any insurance health plan available.

Read the Italian cancer research paper at content6155 A new window will open.

More details about two women with breast cancer at JOM1 A new window will open.

CoQ10 Efficiency against nutritional diseases at coenzq10abs A new window will open

Read the Home Page where nutritional diseases are defined.

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