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Ascorbic Acid Necessary For Life

Ascorbic Acid Is Necessary For Mammalian Life

For mammalian life to survive, ascorbic acid is necessary. A large supply of literature demonstrates this need. If this compound is driven to low levels in the body during disease states the result is a high degree of suffering and death among many patients.

Some researchers have noted that lack of available over-the-counter molecules because of physician oversight is responsible for a lot of this suffering and death.

Ascorbic acid is required to prevent scurvy which can result in death. The small amount required to prevent scurvy, as listed in the minimum daily requirements for vitamin C, is not sufficient to meet all the body's needs.

In the days when England ruled the oceans, long naval voyages decimated crews because of scurvy. Cats on board the ships did just fine because they made their own ascorbic acid. The human body's connective tissue, made of collagen, degenerated resulting in bleeding gums, wobbly teeth, rot-reeking breath, anemic lethargy, and physical weakness, the opening of old wounds and the separation of once healed broken bones. Untreated it leads to a slow agonizing death.

Scurvy was common anywhere fresh fruits and vegetables were unavailable. People have suffered in northern countries with long winters, in sieges, in prisons, anytime and anywhere people subsisted on foods with a lack of vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

Eskimos, and other northern dwellers, knew what animal sources contained precious ascorbic acid even though they didn't know the name for this essential nutrient.

Importance of Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid
is necessary for the synthesis and integrity of collagen and dentin (the hard structure of teeth). Collagen is the most abundant protein and is necessary for bone matrix, and the structure and integrity of blood vessels. Cells are held together by collagen.

is necessary for production of adrenalin and corticosteroids.

is involved in the proper functioning of the immune system, and the blood coagulation system.

controls several enzyme catalyzed reactions, and the metabolism of several amino acids.

All Mammals Except Four Make Their Own Ascorbic Acid

There are approximately 4000 mammals. Of these 4000 only four cannot synthesize ascorbic acid internally. These include humans, some other primates, a fruit eating bat, and the guinea pig. The ability to synthesize the compound from glucose in the liver in these four mammals was lost through a genetic defect in one enzyme.

But goats make 13,000 mg of ascorbic acid every day, and cats survived the long ocean trips because they made their own ascorbic acid and the sailors couldn't.

The physiological requirement in man and the other three mammals for high levels of ascorbic acid is no different from other mammals capable of carrying out this synthesis.

Those mammals that synthesize the highest levels of ascorbic acid in response to stress or disease have the highest levels of resistance to disease. For humans this requirement might be 3-10g per day as a maintenance dose to be supplied by diet or supplementation.

Large amounts of ascorbic acid are needed to ramp up the immune system when disease strikes. Research by physicians in the 1930's to 80's indicated that 30 to 200 grams in a 24 hour period was needed to cure certain diseases. But this research is ignored by mainstream medicine.

In The Science of Essential Nutrients John T A Ely tells that in 1978 and 1979 two women with inoperable stage-4 breast cancer, with 'large tumor burdens' were given one month to live. They were on chemotherapy which had become ineffective.

They elected to receive Aggressive Glycemic Control, a diet which controls blood sugar levels the same as healthy isolated tribes. In addition they were given sodium ascorbate to help them deal with the cancer.

In 6 months they were tumor free and were still alive 3 i/2 years later.

What is the reason for shunning this earlier research? Linus Pauling, known for winning two Nobel prizes, surmised the reason might be because ascorbic acid, normally a primary liver metabolite, can't be patented, and the drug companies can't make millions from it.

Mortality and Ascorbic Acid Intake

Analysis of death rates from six principal diseases in England and Wales was reported from the University of Birmingham. They determined the correlations between the 6 causes of death and 13 nutrients from the National Food Survey.

Ascorbic acid is a strong antagonist to these six diseases in the report by the University of Birmingham.

It had the highest negative correlation (-0.63) with the sum of all disease causes, which means in the presence of enough ascorbic acid in a human, the diseases would not exist.

It had a negative correlation with the individual diseases.

Insulin stimulates the uptake of ascorbic acid by white blood cells (wbcs) when blood glucose levels are low.

Large amounts of ascorbic acid in wbcs enable the cells to fight diseases effectively.

This report appeared in the biomedical journal with the 3rd largest circulation in the world. How could US "authorities" dispute the value of ascorbic acid?

Heart Disease Symptoms Reduced with Ascorbic Acid

Linus Pauling, a two time Nobel prize winner, developed guidelines for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. A number of people with heart disease symptoms adopted his treatment plan, many without the knowledge or consent of a health care provider. These treatments included supplemental ascorbic acid.

A list of these people and their individual testimonies of improvements are given at URL http://www.practicingmedicinewithoutalicense.com/#TESTIMONY See the link below for easiest access and return here if desired.

Linus Pauling outlined his plan in his book How to Live Longer and Feel Better which is no longer available, new or used. The URL will point to a book that tells the Linus Pauling story, his methods and treatment.

Ascorbic acid stimulates the immune system when blood glucose is low.

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