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High Fat Diets Provided Superior Nutrition For African Tribes

Animal Product Users Had Less Tooth Decay Than Cereal Users

African tribes who used animal sources for food were superior physical specimens with little or no evidence of dental decay, only up to 0.4% carious teeth or less. Those whose foods were mainly grains and cereals had up to 7.2% decayed teeth.

In the summer of 1935 Dr. Price and his wife visited a number of African tribes in the heart of Africa near Kenya and Ethiopia. The foods of nutrition varied.

Some relied on their cattle, some obtained fish from the surrounding lakes, and a few of the tribes were chiefly agriculturalists and relied on cereals and grains.

Their findings are detailed in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

In six of the African tribes studied not a single tooth was found that had been attacked by dental caries. In 13 of the tribes there were no irregular teeth.

High Resistance To Disease in Those Living On Native Foods

Dr. Price learned that the tribes in Kenya, living on their local foods, “did not suffer from appendicitis, gall bladder trouble, cystitis, or duodenal ulcer".

Malignancy was very rare among the primitives. And immunities to these, and other diseases, although catastrophic to foreigners, were passed onto their offspring through superior nutrition.

Of special interest was the health of the primitive tribes living on their native foods, and the constant threat of disease to foreigners who came to the country.

Threats to foreigners included dysentery epidemics, fear of jiggers that bore in to bare feet, malaria carrying mosquitoes, disease carrying ticks, and lice that infected the hides of animals used by the natives.

They didn’t go into some districts because of the tsetse fly and the sleeping sickness it caused.

Animal Products as Food = Lowest % Tooth Decay

The Masai tribes of interior Africa lived on milk, meat and blood plus vegetables and fruits. This diet gave them plenty of protein, fat and water soluble nutrients for long and healthy lifestyles in a rugged terrain.

Eighty-eight people, or 2516 teeth were studied in individuals located in widely scattered manyatas. Ten carious teeth were found in four individuals. This translated into 0.4% of the total teeth examined had been attacked by tooth decay.

A tribe in Uganda, also cattle keepers, had no carious teeth among 1,040 teeth inspected.

Muhima and Chewya Tribes

In a study of 1040 teeth in 37 individuals in the Muhima tribe, not one incidence of dental caries was found. They were cattle keepers and resided in Southern Uganda.

In the Chewya tribe only 0.2% of 552 teeth in 19 individuals, or one tooth, was found to be carious. They ate large quantities of fish supplemented with cereals and sweet potatoes. The Chewya tribe lived in Kenya and had access to Lake Victoria.

Kiukyu Tribe And Grains, 5.5% Tooth Decay

The African tribe Kiukuyu, agriculturalists, relied on grains and cereals for their food.

Although they had fine physiques and good dental arches, 36.4% of the individuals had suffered dental decay. This amounted to 5.5% of 1041 teeth that were carious.

Residents of Bogora Mission in the Belgian Congo

Although a small herd of animals was available, the food for this mission was largely cereals, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Of 77 individuals, and 2196 teeth inspected, 7.2% carious teeth were found in 41 individuals.

When any African tribes people were found living on the white mans foods, they experienced dental decay in the first generation to depart from local foods.

The next generation, that is their children, showed signs of bone degeneration and crowded teeth.

African tribes data coincides with that of many other primitive peoples. Review the beginnings of our poor nutritional path. A new window will open enabling you to go back to where you were.

High Swiss Valley inhabitants had a superior health, based on dairy products, compared to many Swiss peoples.

High fat natural foods don't cause heart disease.

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